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Exclusive Hype Interview With Latin Pop Star JP Castillo Who Is Heating Up The Scene By Jimmy Star

Latin Urban Pop Artist JP Castillo is on Fire! More than 3 million views on YouTube and well over 160K followers on Instagram! Celebs and fans can’t get enough of JP who is in demand by some of the most iconic names in the industry! Music Execs and fans are going wild for JP—most recently on J-Lo’s “It’s My Party Tour” and as a featured singer with the Dancing With The Stars Band for several seasons. JP has toured with the legends- The Jacksons, J-Lo, Frankie J, and more. All eyes are on him as he continues breaking all music barriers. It’s no wonder that JP is the name buzzing around the industry.

I got a chance to sit down with this Super Star, check out our interview below:

Jimmy Star: How did you get started in the music industry?

JP: I started as a drummer/percussionist in church. My first professional job was playing

Aladdin in Aladdin Musical Spectacular at Disney’s California Adventure.

Jimmy Star: What artist are you compared to most?

JP: Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Marc Anthony.

Jimmy Star: Did you have vocal lessons growing up?

JP: Yes. I studied classical technique at Fullerton College.

Jimmy Star: Where were you born?

JP: San Jose, Costa Rica

Jimmy Star: Who does your production?
JP: My partner Rich Elizalde and I write and produce all the music. We also collaborate with different producers and writers depending on the project.

Jimmy Star: Do you play any instruments?
JP: I play drums and percussion. That was my major in college until I realized that singing was my true passion.

Jimmy Star: Did you take choreography or dance classes?
JP: Yeah I’ve taken many dance classes in the past. I’ve been in shows and productions that required choreography. I was in a show called Thriller Live in the West End in London. That was a heavy dance show. Right now I’m mad rusty tho haha.

Jimmy Star: Who was your biggest influence growing up?
JP: First of all my partners. They exposed me to lots of music and I learned a lot just by being with and around them. Second of all, Michael Jackson. The king of Pop is my favorite artist of all time.

Jimmy Star: What made you get into music?
JP: I come from a musical family. My parents are professional musicians. It was a normal thing to come home from school and there would be a full band and horn section in my living room rehearsing. My uncle is the concert master of the Costa Rican Symphony. It’s in my blood.

Jimmy Star: If you could meet anyone in history who would you hang out with and why?
JP: Jesus. He is the most influential person in history. I love everything He stands for and his teachings.

Jimmy Star: What is the craziest groupie story you have?
JP: A fan of mine came from Japan to meet me. I took her to lunch and she wanted to get
together again for dinner but I wasn’t able to, so she cussed me out in Japanese/ English at a BJs parking lot, lol!

Jimmy Star: How did you get on tour with JLo?
JP: Word of mouth. The musical director knew about me, and when they needed someone
to open the show, he forwarded my videos to Benny and Jen. They welcomed me into the camp.

Jimmy Star: How did AGT get your song?

JP: I don’t know, lol!

Jimmy Star: If you could give one piece of advice to a kid out there that is starting out, what would you tell them and why?
JP: Always be humble, work harder, and don’t be scared of growing pains.

Jimmy Star: What is next for you?
JP: I’m excited for the next single. Been in the studio the last couple of days working on it.

Jimmy Star: Where can people see your last video?

JP: YouTube https://www.youtube.com/jpcastillo

Jimmy Star: How can people stay up to date with you?
JP: Social media. Instagram is my favorite platform. @jpcastillomusic

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