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Exclusive: Melanie Iglesias Releases New Single ‘Obvious’

Melanie Iglesias is reimagining her place in entertainment. From a leading role in MTV’s Guy Code and spin-off Girl Code to various modeling and acting credits, Iglesias’s influence in pop culture is undeniable. Except for these days, the actress, model, and comedian is going back to her roots as an artist where her love for performance and entertainment all started over 15 years ago as a young girl from Brooklyn, New York.  

Her first single, Tell ‘Em, released over a year ago, gave fans a sneak peek into her unique songwriting and production skills, which has an interesting blend of influences that sits somewhere between pop, R&B, and jazz. Now, with her new single Obvious, Iglesias has once again showcased not only a wide range of vocal ability in this sultry single but has established herself as a songwriter who will be exciting to watch as she prepares to release her debut EP, Context

I got a chance to sit with Iglesias to discuss her latest single and what projects her fans should be excited for in 2020. 

Your new single Obvious finds an interesting middle ground between hip-hop and R&B with a new style of production that wasn’t as prominent on your last single Tell Em’. Give us some background into how you approached this single from the production and writing standpoint.

When I first wrote Obvious, it was over a jazz guitar! I recorded it with my voice memo app and texted it to my best friend, Rudy Maya, who agreed to produce my EP. I said I wanted to make a pop/r&b record and Rudy took over from there. Rudy has been working as a producer since he was 17 so this was the first time I didn’t stress the production of a song and left it all in his hands. We were already friends for 12 years so he knew the kind of music I wanted to make and is well aware of all my musical influences. I cried when he played the finish version because to me, he nailed it.

Obvious also had this really interesting prelude that described the feelings of a woman looking at her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend in which she spills her feelings about the situation. This format was complimented on the back end of the song as well. What did you want your fans to take out of those sections of the record?

My upcoming EP is titled “Context.” Every song has a story, intro, and outro. It’s about all the lessons I learned in the course of a year when I was battling depression and going through some major life changes. I was pursuing music long before anything else but had to stop because I had benign nodules on my vocal cords. I ended up getting lucky and becoming popular so fast for modeling but one of the contributors to my depression was that I felt like so many people knew who I was, but no one actually knows me.  Thank goodness the nodules healed up recently. The intros and outros on my songs are various voice mails I left Rudy Maya. We included them because I wanted people to feel like they are listening to their best friend when they listen to my music.

Looking beyond Obvious, what other projects or things are you working on in regards to your music now that fans should be on the lookout for in 2020?

My EP “Context” is done. I’m going to release a couple more singles before I put it out. I haven’t decided on a release date yet. I just hope to perform as many shows as humanly possible! I’m excited to show people a side of me they’ve never seen before.   



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