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Published on October 18th, 2019 | by Clayton Durant


Farrah Frostt, Debuts New Single and Music Video, ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’ with Mateo

Imagine being in medical school at one of the most competitive programs in the country while also balancing a rising music career? Well, this is the reality for the up and coming rapper, singer, actress and model, Farrah Frostt, who is currently a full-time medical student at one of the top programs in the country. Frostt, who is originally from New York, shows a unique sophistication in her songwriting in her latest single, Work Hard, Play Harder, which gives fans a glimpse of her eclectic songwriting and production skills. 

I got a chance to sit with Frostt in Miami where we talked about her latest single, her interest in Spanish culture, and her goals around impacting the medical community.  

Work Hard, Play Harder is your latest single since your breakout song Not In The Mood. Compared to that record, this is a much more uptempo song. Why did you choose this song as your next single?

I was a singer my whole life and wanted to delve into that. I’ve been a drummer and dancer— hip hop, tap, jazz, lyrical— since I’m extremely young. One of my majors was concentrated in Poetry. It’s ingrained in me to be drawn to rhythm and words, hence “Not In The Mood.” But uptempo music is so energizing and evocative. Get a Latin flare going and you’re set. I wanted to make a song that gets everyone smiling and on their feet. My aim was to convey some Miami vibes, sunshine, hard work, and celebration. I love to dance, so I wanted a track people could dance to. Call me a sucker for vivacity. 

This is also the first time we have heard you really tap into a Spanish reggaeton vibe. How did this vibe get developed? 

The song is produced by Corey Chorus Gibson of Sony/ATV Publishing (Rihanna, Dan Balan, Estelle) and Jesus “Dr. Zuez” Bobe (Daddy Yankee, JLo, Torey Lanez). Corey sent me a bunch of beats and this one really stood out and spoke to me. I am a huge fan of Latin pop. I love Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Cardi B, Ozuna, J Balvin, the whole nine yards. I actually just went to see a Bad Bunny concert. I enjoyed working with Kiko Rivera. “In The Heights” and “On Your Feet” are two of my favorite shows. I’m hanging out in Miami a lot and I adore the vibe. I wanted to show love to a genre that I myself have a lot of love for. Nothing gets you hyped and dancing like a Latin song.

You also featured Mateo on this record. How did that feature come to be? 

Mateo and I connected through a mutual friend when I said I was looking for a Latin artist. I liked his style, voice, image, and vibe. Shoutout to DJ for making some magic happen. Mateo and I vibe perfectly and work really well together. We’re looking forward to putting out more music.  

Your cover is quite interesting. Explain the inspiration of you in a doctor’s outfit for this cover. 

I’m currently a medical student interested in Neurosurgery and Immuno-Oncology. I previously attended Johns Hopkins University as a premed triple major in Neuroscience, Writing, Medical Humanities, and a Theatre minor. I researched for multiple Hopkins Hospital departments and wrote for U.S. News & World Report on behalf of Johns Hopkins Cardiology. I loved every moment of it. I’m now doing this Hannah Montana thing. By day, I am Tiffany— the awkward medical student dissecting cadavers. And by night, I am Farrah, this sass-filled, sparkly performer. Farrah is my alter ego, my outlet. My whole life has been an integration of the Arts and Sciences. I highly value education and can bring what I’ve learned to the table and incorporate this knowledge into my music. I’m going to sound different, nerdy. I may drop a neurotransmitter or scientific term here and there. I will continue to surprise listeners with different sub-genres. I don’t believe in putting a person in a box. So you can find me outside of it. 

What’s next for Farrah Frostt? 

The “Work Hard, Play Harder” music video releases on October 18th. I want to hit the stage and turn up at some clubs– get people dancing and having a good time to this song. I want to enjoy it with them. I’ll release more music, too, in the near future. 

In the long run, my ultimate goal is to fund research and make a real medical difference. Too many people are suffering— from cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological diseases and disorders. I have always wanted to help on a grand-scale and have dedicated my life to doing so. I’ll keep up my artsy-medical mix and see where it takes me.


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