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Interview: J Sunn “From the Big Screen to DJ Playlists Nationwide”

Singer, Song Writer, and Hip-Hop Recording Artist J Sunn may have started out in Compton, CA, but flared up the entertainment space—featured on magazine covers, promoting some of the largest Urban clothing lines throughout the United States. Nick Cannon first set his sights on J Sunn and hired him to model his reputed clothing line, “Stop Hating.” This move set him on a fast track with Vlado luxury kicks, Konnect clothing, and Suits of America modeling gigs as well. Soon after, casting directors took notice and hired J Sunn to play in some iconic acting roles:

“FIRST SUNDAY” alongside Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan “MEXICAN GANGSTER” alongside John Loretto, Damian Chapa, and Bougart Linares.

I sat down with J Sunn, a triple threat, and this is what transpired:

How did you get started in the music Industry?

I started at a young age performing at talent shows, and also did gymnastics and dance. I really liked the performing aspect of it and the fact that I could use my Talent to help other people or get messages out to the world through entertainment.

At what point in your life did you realize you had a gift? 

While growing up and maturing in my talents, people began to take notice in me and wanted to start managing me and taking my career further in the industry. Ryan W. Torres with AEM Avenue Entertainment / Management & Donna Wingate to name a few.

You have worked with many legends and Icons in the music Industry? Can you name a few here and describe to us what it was like to work with them? 

I was able to work with some great notable people in the business: Brandon Durant, star of the movie Kazam with Shaquille O’Neil and signed Artist with Joe Smith and Meta World Peace of the Los Angeles Lakers, Colby ODonis, Rap Artist Tash from the Alkaholiks and more. Working with them was and awesome feeling and really helped me see a better side of where I could take my career.

 Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? 

Yes.. Of course what goes around comes around.

They say music gets people through their day? What does music mean to you and do you feel it can heal people?

Music to me is an expression and means many things to me. It can be a message of love, hope, unity and it helps encourage those who are down.  I truly believe that music heals the hearts of the broken.

 Name one word that describes your brand? 


If you can sit down with anyone in history who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson would be my choice to sit down with, because his hard work, dedication and what inspired him to do what he accomplished.

Is there one person you would like to work within the music industry that you have not?  Who?  

Rhianna, Chris Brown etc.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the music industry?  

To continue to persevere, never give up and stay true to what you believe in.

Do you compose all your own music?  

Yes, I write all my own lyrics, music etc. However, I am always open to vibin

You have a new single coming out. Tell us about it? How did it come about?  The single is titled, “Up and At It” and it came in a time when our World now is facing a lot of turmoil and suffering.  I wanted to put the song out to help lift up people’s spirits and continue to do good in their lives, no matter the circumstances.

What is next for you?

Releasing my single “Up and At It” which we are working on a release party and getting my music out to the masses.

Where can people stay up to date with you?

Follow me on IG  Instagram:  @jsunn2017

Interview by Jimmy Star



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