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Meet Grime Sensation Yung R

Back Story – ‘The Movement is Yung’ is the debut EP release from Yung R, a grime artist working with flavours of dancehall, afro-swing and conscious rap. The EP is led by the emotive single ‘Epiphany’, a mature piece featuring rising vocalist Origin. Inspired by the experience of growing up as a young male with an absent father, lacking in emotional connection, the track comes straight from the heart.

“Music is like a diary and is like therapy to me. I treasure the fact that I am able to rap and constructively use music as a social commentary and platform to express myself.”

A reflective piece that induces empathy, ‘Epiphany’ is heartfelt, personal and poignant. The confessional lyricism reveals a vulnerability that is rarely shared by men in music and wider society. Yung R was inspired by the possibility of giving people a song they can be moved by and appreciate, exploring the enduring impact that the lack of a father figure and role model can have.

 “I want to show young people that it is perfectly acceptable to show vulnerability and to speak from your heart.”

Yung R has always wanted to open up, discussing the topic of his father’s absence and the role it’s played in his life: this can be heard through the lyrics of the powerful and revealing track, which is his most important release to date, showcasing his versatility as a lyricist and the depth of his musical talent.

“Epiphany shows the world that I am mature enough and brave enough to tackle and address sensitive topics such as father absence in a professional and experienced manner.”

The Hype Magazine got Yung R to weigh in on a few things from across the big pond!

From the outside looking in describe the artist Yung R?

Yung R is an energetic and fearless performer. He is a very detailed and professional artist with music from a range of genres. For example, he is a Grime artist with flavours and influences from Rap, Afro-Swing, and Dancehall. A large part of his fan-base is made up of the female persuasion and his image and style portray that.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

I started writing lyrics and rapping at 14 and really enjoyed performing live from a young age. I have always yearned for a platform to express my opinions and music provides me with the perfect forum to do so. I listened to a lot of Grime music as a teenager, studied Music at GCSE level and there are also many DJs within my family network, which meant that taking music seriously was simply a natural progression. 

What do you get from making music?

I get a lot of satisfaction from music knowing that I have the freedom to write how I feel, say how I feel and record how I feel. I also love to pass on information from my experiences, because I believe that knowledge is the new-born economy and I wish that I had more mentors in my support network when I was younger.

Tell us about your current project and what it means to you

‘The Movement Is Yung’ EP is my debut project and it is my opportunity to show my ability and versatility across a variety of genres. I want to show young artists that you don’t have to limit yourself or pigeonhole your career and that it is important to have music that is accessible to everyone. Regardless of who you are, there will be something on this project that you love and that will bring you back to it over and over again. Whether that is the aggressive nature of ‘Savage’ and ‘Know About Me’, the more melodic essence and vibe from ‘Never Be’ and ‘Rider’, the intellectual and informative ‘Purpose’ or the more heartfelt and emotional ambiance of my latest release ‘Epiphany’.

What inspires the stories you tell with your music?

I often get inspiration to write songs from conversations that replay in my mind or phrases which seem to keep repeating themselves and finding their way into my daily conversations with others. I also like to add value to the world with my work and I want to leave a legacy for the younger generations to be inspired by.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

I’m very active so I play football twice a week and I am also in the gym three times a week, working on strength, conditioning, flexibility, and my overall health. I also tutor and mentor many young people during the week and on weekends because I am trying to nurture the future generations and help them to avoid many of the potholes that my generation fell victim to. For example, I do academic tutoring in Maths, English, and History and I also offer services in mentoring to help young people with their understanding of finance and to strengthen their relationship with money. All of these services come under my company: Proof-Reid®, where we offer tutoring, mentoring and editing services. I am a teacher by profession and attained a first-class honours degree in English and History combined from a Russell Group University (University of Southampton) in 2015, so I am an intellectually curious human being.

What’s been your craziest experience in the music business thus far?

Performing at ‘The Ends’ Festival 2019 in my home town Croydon was a dream and was an experience I will never ever forget!

What’s your guidance to young artists looking to make it in this business?

The best advice I have ever been given is to always work like you are number two, even if you’re number one. Basically, have the drive and determination to win like a challenger and avoid complacency by forgetting that you are the champion. Skills pay the bills. Perfect your craft and take this as seriously as possible. Go all in! Also, write everything down and have a diary. Plan everything because there will be small details that you miss and those details could make all the difference.


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