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Published on October 2nd, 2019 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Paul Zahn On Disaronno’s New Limited-Edition Denim-Wrapped Bottles, Upcoming Plans & More

The world’s favorite Italian liqueur, Disaronno, recently introduced a new limited-edition bottle, glamorously wrapped in a denim camouflage pattern. The sleek denim wrap aims to capture Disaronno’s passion for creativity and self-expression, values upheld by brand since 1525.

Both a collector’s item and an ideal gift for fashion lovers throughout the holidays, the limited-edition release remains unmistakably Disaronno by keeping the brand’s iconic bottle shape and logo. Disaronno will also release two Miniature Gift Packs (SRP $29.99), with each pack containing 3 of the 6 collectible denim shades available. Lastly, a Limited Edition Giftbox (SRP $9.99) consisting of 4 miniature bottles joining the 750ml bottle is also available from the iconic Italian brand.

To learn more about both Disaronno and its limited-edition denim-centric offering, I spoke with Paul Zahn, the Director of Brand Ambassadors for Disaronno International. Zahn has previously offered quotes to The Hype, in addition to cocktail recipes. Zahn can be followed on Instagram via @PaulZahn, while Disaronno keeps a home online at

How did you wind up in the spirits industry? Were you ever a bartender?

Paul Zahn: I was an actor and model performing in Broadway Bares, a Broadway charity event in New York City and I was approached by the liquor sponsor of the event, Absolut Vodka. They asked if I wanted to do promotional work. They liked me, I liked vodka and at 23 years old — the money was good. So that is how I began my life in the booze biz.

What is a typical day at the office, or rather work, for you like?

Paul Zahn: One of my favorite parts about working in this industry is that there is no typical day — every day is pretty different. One day, I may be hosting a morning show segment and teaching the show’s viewers about Disaronno followed by mixing up drinks at some of L.A.’s top watering holes, followed by hosting a cocktail pairing dinner with influencers. The job and Disaronno’s management allows me to really think and move outside the box.

Our portfolio, which includes Tia Maria, Zucca Amaro and a line of Irish whiskies, also allows for a wide variety of activities and activations. One day we are chatting Chinese rhubarb and the amaro category and the next we are organizing a St. Patrick’s Day Mixology-focused bar crawl down Vine in Hollywood.

What is the best part of what you do for a living?

Paul Zahn: The best part about what I do for a living is I am constantly able to collaborate with the “best of the best” in the hospitality industry. Exploring different spirits and different cultures really excites me. Our portfolio has such a diverse list of items that it always keeps me on my toes and exploring different hotspots in the country. I also like a good cocktail or 2!

Do you have a favorite variety or offering from Disaronno? How do you like to drink the liqueur?

Paul Zahn: Being in Southern California, the agave obsession runs strong! Lately I have been really enjoying Disaronno and Mezcal in a riff on an Old Fashioned. However, I am also always all about the low ABV spritzes and Disaronno with a little lemon juice and Prosecco and soda is also my jam. I call it “the Nuts & Bubbles,” although Disaronno does not contain any nuts. Disaronno mixes so well with so many base spirits — I really cannot pick a favorite.

How long is your limited-edition denim offering going to be on the market?

Paul Zahn: The limited-edition denim will be around through the end of 2019. The bottle is really fun and cool and is the perfect host gift as we enter the holiday season. We also have some fun gift packs available at retailers. I call them a “Party In A Box” because they have everything you need to have a party — just add ice!

What is coming up for Disaronno in 2020?

Paul Zahn: We had such great feedback with our digital platform, The Mixing Star, in 2019 that we are excited to plan more video and digital content in 2020. The platform showcases global cocktail trends and how mixologists around the world are using Disaronno. Each time a new video comes out, I learn something unique and different. Make sure and check us on out on all social media platforms: @TheMixingStar

As a music-related publication, I must ask: What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Paul Zahn: The last concert I attended was Janet Jackson in Las Vegas during her residency there. Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty, is timeless and iconic — much like Disaronno. See what I did there? (laughs)

Finally, Paul, any last words for the kids?

Paul Zahn: My biggest advice for the kids is to live life on your own terms and follow your dreams whatever they may be. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have to crawl before you walk. And why not follow me on IG: @PaulZahn.

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