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Published on October 18th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Premiere: Effie Drops Hauntingly Beautiful New Single ‘Fairytale’

The latest offering from the phenomenally talented singer-songwriter Effie, is a journey of lust, mistrust and cruel intentions. The most resonant stories are the ones that are real. They’re situations we’ve seen, we’ve experienced, or that we’re currently living right at this moment. ‘Fairytale’ lives in those moments. Effie’s dreamy vocals lure you in over the track, whilst an honest recount of the scenes played out speak straight to the heart. “You enter a relationship with an open heart and a certain amount of naivety, that this time will be different,” say Effie “but love doesn’t always work out the way we plan.”

There’s definitely a vibe to this young lioness and her true voice showcase makes it certain she’s one to watch for the new decade…listen to Fairytale below and drop us your thoughts!

After lending her vocals to dance duo Just Kiddin on ‘Body Talk’, as well as writing and performing ‘3 Words’ with FooR, gaining support on BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam and DJ Target, Capital XTRA, and KISS, and with over 1 million streams on Spotify, Effie has now spent the time refining a line of soulful melodies and lyrics ready to grasp the industry in an authentic manner.

Being crowned as NME’s Emerging Artist 2018 and having picked up support from notable magazines Clash and Notion, performing on home soil and stateside, Effie has no intention of slowing down and is about to begin her most momentous chapter yet with her recent releases.

The Hype Magazine got Effie to weigh in on a few things from across the pond!

Tell us about Effie and how you found yourself as an artist?

Music has always been my first love.

I’ve been singing and performing since a young girl and had my first experience singing on stage at 11.

It’s always felt a natural part of who I am and then as I got older and developed my own tastes I came in to music professionally and started writing and recording songs from the age of 15 and now I’m riding the creative wave.

Has it become easier or harder to be a young artist in this era?

Ooo, that’s a hard one, I would say both. 

When I was first putting out music, we were only just coming in to a social media age, so there wasn’t such a quick and easy way to be seen and heard. 

Now, it’s amazing to have the outlets that we do. Having said that, I feel an artist has to work harder now to stand out, as it an extremely saturated market

How does your new single “Fairytale” lie in your total body of work?

I’d say ‘Fairytale’ sits very much on the more sultry airy RnB vibe of things. It’s a record I made to try and articulate that relationships are not like those in fairytales despite some of the classic early expectations we may have read or been taught. 

What is it you get out of making music?

I love being able to express how I’m feeling and make music and write lyrics I hope will resonate with people, just as I’ve experienced through other artists. 

Will you bringing your sound to the States in 2020? 

I would love too, I’ve always felt that my music would translate well in the  US and after a Little stint in LA back in January this year, I’m definitely ready to come back write and play some gigs! 

Who is your dream collab?

There are soooo many, but I’d have to say SZA. I love her writing and how honest she is. I take a lot from her. 

What would you most like people to know about you? 

I’m a huge “Friends” fanatic


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