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Published on October 31st, 2019 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Premiere: SoCal’s 4th & Orange Drop New Single ‘Only You’

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Back Story – Long Beach, CA-based pop-reggae outfit 4th & Orange delivers a slice of California coastline to your speakers. Co-founded by longtime friends Garrett Douglas and Chris “DJ Irey” Garcia, the two merge inspiration from hometown heroes, Sublime, with their own individual style to craft 4th & Orange’s specialized California-pop reggae sound. In Long Beach, the corner of 4th Street and Orange Avenue represents the place where Douglas’ and DJ Irey’s tumultuous, dark pasts opened the door to shed light on their future. It’s where the veil of self-doubt lifted and they harnessed previous hardships to transform them into self-reliance.

Douglas and DJ Irey’s friendship began during high school, where they found solace in music against the troubled background of both their home lives. Eventually they parted ways to forge their own paths in the music industry, Douglas moving on under the moniker Beach Boy and becoming a songwriter, and DJ Irey moving on as a successful producer. When their paths crossed again in early 2019, they took their decade of industry experience and put their creative energy into a project all their own. 

“The goal of our music is to bring light to others in dark situations,” says Douglas. “Both Iry and I came from a rough past, but that’s how we connected and created 4th & Orange. Our music reminds others that in the dark you can be the light.”

The crew’s new single “Only You” is a reminder that we’d better hold on to THAT ONE or at some point we’ll be reminiscing about what we let go…one of men’s biggest conversations! If you are fans of Sublime, or Long Beach Short Bus then 4th & Orange is just what the doctor ordered for your daily playlist. Enjoy!

The Hype Magazine caught up with lead singer Garrett Douglas and producer/keyboardist Chris “Irey” Garcia to weigh in on a few things:

Who is the creative collective 4th & orange?

We are a Southern California reggae band based on the life of two long beach residents (Garrett Douglas + Chris “Irey” Garcia) who go back since high school. Our goal is to tell our story which will hopefully relate to every one of our listeners.

What brought you into the entertainment industry?

Being lead by artists that we looked up to growing up and being influenced by their stories of struggling and overcoming drove us to climb out of our own dark paths by using the same art form …music.

What do you get from making music?

Fulfillment and the chance to take care of our families by giving the world a soundtrack to life. People look to musicians every day for a split second of release, and we feel honored when we’re in the studio to be able to give them just that.

Tell us about your current projects and where it hits for you in the grand shame of things.

Staying creative and writing new songs whenever inspiration hit us is our current project at the moment. The other of it we leave in the hands of our team and our awesome manager Chucky Chavez. We have a few singles slated – but no album date has been set, but when the time comes I hope you’re ready for it.

What’s your craziest WTF moment?

The first time we were able to hang with outside the studio with DJ Flict, our favorite producer, we embarked on an all night rage in Hollywood. It was a long night of drinking and club hopping. When 2am came around, all we wanted to do was head home! On the way to make that happen, some random drunk pedestrian walked up to Garrett and punched him square in the face. Garrett happened to be wearing an all-white outfit that night, and I think he still has it in his closet just to remember what a hell of a night it was and what kind of first impression we left on DJ Flict. We’ve only been a band since February, so interview us again in a year and we’ll have another crazy story for you.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records


Garret Douglas – Lead Vocals

Chris “DJ Irey” Garcia – Keyboards / Producer

Ricardo Ramirez – Guitar

Alex Bursztyn – Bass

Sam Ward – Drums



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