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Published on October 3rd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Sledge DiBiase Drops Visuals for “What Used To Be”

Sledge Dibiase is an artist and rapper who grew up listening to Biggy and Tupac while grabbing from Harlem, NY and The Bronx culture at 7 years old. Sledge Dibiase is a slick talking entertainment lyrical phenomena who brings soulful rap and into writing good uptempo hits.

Sledge fell in love with Hip Hop in 1994 when Biggie released Ready To Die and 1997-1999 New York scene. Sledge states “I am a survivor” my father passed at the age of 7 and my mother passed at the age of 16 years old. He is now convinced he is blessed to get off the streets and attended college to make his family proud.

Sledge started rapping at the age of 17 with his best-friend” Straws” in which they started a label called “T REPS” which has two meanings such as, Townsend Representatives or Talent Respect Evolution Power and Strength their music has been compared to Camron, Rick Ross and/or The Lox. In 2004, his best friend Straws who rapped more like Cassidy or Lloyd Banks always set the standard for Sledge to make sure he brings his A game when rapping.

Then, a year later these two landed MLB The Show song placement through Midi Mafia prominent production company who produced songs like “When I See You” for Fantasia. This later opened doors to get him paid through Sony Music at 19years old. He turned his $3,000 into a few more thousands through investing in career and then eventually his friend decided to quit music because of the politics. Straws didn’t want to deal with the too many different personalities within the music industry. Sledge released previous mixtapes Future Legend,Legends are born, A Man named Sledge Part 1 & 2 Hosted by DJ Ominaya, and then DIBIASE season. When he released his “Dibiase Season” mixtape this was an introduction to his new persona the “Million Dollar Man” which then represents the great WWE wrestler Ted Dibiase.

Recently, SLEDGE DIBIASE released two singles “DIBI” and FLEXIN” which is an A side to a B side which displays his balance of cool calm collective rap music to his uptempo hype music. Sledge says “What’s music without fun?! You have to make it fun for the audience. If they aren’t having fun, I’m not having fun.”

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