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Published on October 1st, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Wake Me Up When September Ends: Old City Has A Green Day In Debut Single “Get Sued”

Nearly two years ago, Philly-based beat-maker, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Old City burst onto the scene with a genre-eschewing project entitled Black Bastards; consisting of just five tracks and a [Bonus Track], Old City’s 2017 debut EP somehow melds together the villainous rhymes of sharp-tongued emcee, DOOM (FKA MF DOOM) with the slightly more Punk/Hardcore-leaning stylings of English Crust Punk pioneers, Doom. It appears as though Old City has always teetered the fine line between Hip-Hop and Punk/Hardcore, playing in various bands over the years under numerous aliases and mysterious nom de plumes. Now, Old City has returned with the first single, “Get Sued,” from his long-awaited proper full-length. On “Get Sued,” Old City is joined by Buffalo-based emcee, Tre Marsh and it appears as though, this is merely, the first taste of what’s to come from the newly-minted duo. Old City has pulled out what some may consider an amazing feat, while others may consider to be “American Idiot”-like actions: he’s, somehow, managed to sample Green Day a whopping 32 times throughout “Get Sued,” hence, the tongue-in-cheek title.

Old City & Tre March are, also, joined by yet another Buffalo Hip-Hop legend, Olmec, for “Get Sued.” He spits what a press release quite fittingly dubs as “a dry-mouthed guest verse in this stuck-into-the-couch-waiting-for-the-pizza-delivery-guy instant stoner classic.” While explicitly labeled as “not Rap-Rock,” Old City’s “Get Sued” does, however, embody the overall energy, sounds, style, and charisma of Punk/Hardcore music nestled over a Green Day-aided Boom-Bap/Hip-Hop style beat. It’s companion Justin Mayer-directed music video features emcees Tre Marsh & Olmec spitting their verses from a couch while a house party goes on all around them. “Get Sued” is currently available to stream or purchase on Old City’s Bandcamp page, along with Black Bastards EP. Old City’s self-titled debut fulllength is expected next, which has already been compared to both The Dust Brothers and De La Soul/Gravediggaz super-producer, Prince Paul’s sampling techniques.

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