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Classical artist Violeta Vicci Releases Her Debut Album ‘Autovia’

Violeta Vicci is a solo violinist, violist, vocalist and composer of spanish/swiss descent and here she tells us why releasing her debut album was a nerve-racking experience.

Tell us about your debut album ‘Autovia’?’

I still can’t quite believe I have an album out and people can just turn on Spotify or iTunes to play my music. The day I signed a publishing deal with Big Life Music for Autovia, my debut as a solo artist, is well engraved in my memory. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Youth (Martin Glover) and his vision when we first met a couple of years ago .

The music is very minimal. The tracks consist of high soaring multilayered violin, rhythmic viola melodies, ethereal vocals and deep double bass drones all played by myself. The thing that takes it away from the classical world, are the electronic soundscapes and synths provided by Youth. I love it, he’s an absolute genius. Oh and recently I also realised how hard it is to play AUTOVIA live , but now that I’ve got my set up sorted, it’s such a high to perform it to an audience.

What inspires your music?

Nature. The sea, those moments spent in silence looking into the vastness of the open ocean, be it in Barcelona, my home town, or in Cairns, Bridgetown, Valparaiso, Mexico, the Isle of Wight…anywhere I have travelled to, the sea is a constant inspiration. The mountains , especially the Swiss alps have definitely inspired and shaped my music. The elation when you’ve reached the top, after hours of exertion, and the absolutely humbling feeling when you realise you are less than a speck of dust in the universe.

If I look at artists who have inspired me, I’d have to start by mentioning the incredibly broad classical music world I grew up, and maybe more specifically, the post modern minimalism of Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and Johann Johanson as well as contemporary artists such as Sigur Rós and Brian Eno.

Who are your favourite music artists?

My musical taste is very broad as I think different artists and different music suits different moods and life situations. I love composers such as Bach, Debussy, Ravel, Beethoven , Palestrina but also musical artists such as Bjork, RadioHead, Leonard Cohen, the Beatles, Nina Simone, Portishead, Sigur Rós and Elbow.

Anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Yes.If I could ever write the music for a film by Paolo Sorrentino my life would be complete. Similarly, working closely with Brian Eno or Nitin Sawhney, going to Iceland to meet duo Stereo Hypnosis and if I’m allowed to dream collaborating with Sigur Rós of course.

I did have a total fan moment when I met lead singer Jónsi a few months ago, playing violin for his project “Rice Boy sleeps” at the Paris Philharmonie and the Barbican. I must admit, purely as a violinist, I’ve been extremely lucky to have collaborated with quite a few of my hero’s already . Playing on Thom Yorke’s new album “Anima” , sharing the stage with Jonny Greenwood and meeting Philip Glass, whilst performing his latest symphony at the Royal Festival Hall, as part of the London Contemporary Orchestra, have been very special moments for me.

Touring some of my favourite tunes with Elbow and most recently being featured on their just released album  “Giants of All sizes” is pretty exciting. It’s a wonderful album and they totally deserve the fact it’s made it to number one in the charts!

What’s next for Violeta Vicci?

Well, believe it or not I’m already working on the release of album number two, called “Mirror Images” to be released with german label Aldilà.  That one focuses on the intimate expression of the instruments on their own, a stripped down version of Autovia. Solo violin, viola and voice.

Favourite venue to perform in?

I’d have to say the Royal Albert Hall because there is so much history and it’s such a privilege to be on that stage. I only just played there last week with RYX as part of the London Contemporary Orchestra, and each time I play there I get goosebumps!

Do you have any upcoming gigs to tell our readers about?

I’m currently in Salzburg, and when I’m back I have a couple of  gigs with my band and will be performing as guest violin with Steeleye Span for their 50th anniversary UK tour in November. To keep up to date, just follow me on social media or go to my website

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