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Published on November 11th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Interview With Thomas Yu CEO of LIVIT, One of the Largest Online Streaming Apps in the World


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LIVIT is a mobile app where talented individuals (called “streamers”) broadcast their own live shows. It is the US version of the popular Asian app, 17 Live, which has over 40 million users, and is the #1 live streaming app in Taiwan and Japan. The streamers on LIVIT are entertainers, performers, artists, influencers, and rising stars, and LIVIT’s goal is to help them grow their careers and followings. Viewers also play an important role on the app. They can give points to their favorite streamers, which helps the streamers achieve their dreams and win exciting prizes, such as career-advancing experiences, being in ad campaigns, going on trips, receiving cash bonuses, and more. Viewers determine which streamers rise to the top, and this gives them a unique opportunity to become a part of streamers’ success stories. With so much real-time interaction, LIVIT is a community of genuine, supportive users, and that’s why people come back for more!

The Hype Magazine got LIVIT CEO Thomas Yu to discuss the app, its community, and the nuts and bolts behind what makes this app the one to watch moving forward!

What are the basics regarding the LIVIT App and what is the inspiration behind it?

LIVIT is a live entertainment app first a foremost. The inspiration is the streamers themselves who showcase their amazing and raw talents. This is different from platforms like YouTube and Instagram which have pregenerated, edited content.  Live is the new wave of entertainment—and the best way for talent and fans to connect authentically—and that is what we want to relay through the app.

What about the American market was most attractive to the company?

People come from all over the world to pursue their dreams in Hollywood, so building our headquarters here made perfect sense. Since the US is the leader in entertainment, we’re at an advantage to grow live streaming beyond what it is in Asian markets.

With so many streaming and social media “stars” how will they leverage LIVIT to advance their careers?

Our goal is to help rising stars reach their dreams. Each of our streamers has a dedicated talent manager who invests their time in their streamers and gives them the best tips to advance their careers. We have also run events on the app, in which the prizes help them gain public exposure, such as starring in billboards in major cities.

LIVIT is a viewer driven platform and as with others, streamers can earn based on engagement, what makes LIVIT unique in this arena?

We really focus on quality of content. Our contracts are the most competitive between any other app because we want to make this the most beneficial experience for our streamers. Community is key however, our streamers are also our most active viewers. There isn’t another community like LIVIT out there. Most of our streamers befriend each other, and everyone wants the best for their friends, so just showing their support to one another grows our community. We’re proud that we made a platform where people can create these connections with each other.

How does the company engagement with its streamers translate into long-term relationships?

We aim to be the most competitive, to provide more to the streamers than any other platforms. Afterall, we were founded by a creator whose vision was to give back to the creators. 

What made LIVIT forego in-app advertising?

The biggest reason is to not compromise the quality of the content. Advertisements distract from the live streaming experience, and we want to ensure the best experience while using our app. We are proud to say that all of the revenue we generate is from the company and our amazing supporters which is another reason why we cherish our community.

When it comes to quality of content and of course the safety of users on both sides, what is LIVIT doing to ensure its streamers are the cream of the crop?

We have an audition process to make sure our streamers are dedicated to our platform.  We invest in real humans monitoring our streams, that way we always have eyes on the content being produced. The community itself has guidelines, and they are awesome at tracking serious content and bringing violations to our attention.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about LIVIT and its team?

Our team is continuously growing. We just had our biggest group hire last month and we anticipate growing even more!  Live streaming is here to stay, and we are excited to become a global leader within entertainment and all social apps. 


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