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Published on November 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Jessica Domingo Releases Island Acoustic Video

Jessica Domingo is a Filipina alternative-R&B artist born and raised in Seattle, WA. Growing up, Jessica was surrounded by instruments in her basement and instantly sparked an interest in guitar, piano, and drums at an early age. Since then, she was taught by various musical mentors and was exposed to a wide range of female icons such as Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Sade. In high-school, Jessica began growing a following through making medleys on YouTube and garnering over 2 million views on her very first video. Eventually, she gravitated towards creating her own style of music, a sound distinctly hers.

“As I was still discovering my voice, I felt eager to write my own music and write what I wanted to express”.

Shortly after, Jessica released her third album titled Floral Mind in the summer of 2018. Every song captures nostalgic soundscapes with Jessica’s elegant vocal tone along with a lyrical narrative that unveils romance and messages about solitude and peace.

Releasing August 28th, Island is just as warm as the name suggest, and extends on her theme of vivid soundscapes, which she does so well. Imbuing a sense of carefree wanderlust, the rhythm sets an almost tropical groove while Jessica’s honeyed vocals, which are reminiscent of these aforementioned female icons, dance with ease.

Speaking to the motivation behind Island, Jessica shares:

It was my first time visiting the Philippines this year since I was 4 years old and I was very inspired by my culture and travelling around the beautiful islands. It was life-changing for me. During my trip, I finally met up with a producer in Manila that I’ve been emailing back and forth to work with and we created this beat that fit my exact mood. I felt at ultimate peace being on an island and that is exactly how it feels to be in love with someone – a sense of peace and freedom.

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