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KSI Riding The High Of Defeating Logan Paul And Top 20 Single, “Down Like That.”

KSI continues to add to his growing legacy.

When it comes to this YouTubing thing, no one may have perfecting it better than, England’s, KSI. With over 20 million subscribers, KSI has developed a massive following, and as he proved weeks ago, his following goes beyond his YouTube videos and his music, but those loyal supporters also followed him into the squared circle. Earlier this month, KSI and fellow YouTuber, Logan Paul squared off in a boxing ring for the second time (the first fight ended in a draw). Packing the Staples Center and garnering millions of eyes, KSI would earn a split decision victory over his rival. On top of the massive success of his pro debut boxing match, KSI also released a new single titled, “Down Like That,” featuring rap heavyweights, Rick Ross and Lil Baby and had production from top-shelf producer, S-X. The success of the bout and the single only adds to the growing legacy of, KSI who plans more trips to the United States to continue with his global expansion.

I recently caught up with the YouTube star to discuss his recent fight, “Down Like That” single and his future plans on YouTube, the studio and inside of the ring.

Congratulations on your win over Logan Paul.

KSI: Thank you very much.

I got behind this fight when I realized how serious both of you guys were taking your training, you assembled a professional team. How do you feel things differed from fight one to fight two? Was it just in the preparation?

KSI: The mindset, man. Last year, when I fought, Logan, I was complacent and overconfident; especially after my win against, Joe [Weller]. I didn’t take Logan as seriously as I should’ve. So, as soon as I got in the ring, I was tentative. I took my time and I didn’t really force the fight. But this time, I knew if I just fought the fight, he was just going to crumble because he’s afraid to get hit. And I knew that. he hates pressure, so that’s why I cut off the ring and put the pressure on him. I was a bit wild here and there, but that’s because I was a bit frustrated because he didn’t want to fight me. Especially after saying how he was going to knock me out in the first-round and first-round decapitation and this and that. He would even say, “I might even kill this man.” And there was nothing that showed that he was going to actually try to kill me.

Removing the headgear for this one, how did you feel in there and were you prepared to fight with no headgear because of your training?

KSI: I was fine with it. I knew last year, especially after the fight that we were going to have a rematch and we would probably have to have no head guard. I was training and prepared for that. I can take damage. I’ve taken shots to the head. I took a lot of shots from, Logan. They rocked me, but I just kept going and doing my thing. Probably the only one that really rocked me was when he illegally hit me. I still got right back up. I had 5-minutes to recover, I only took one. And I went right back after it. It wasn’t really a factor for me.

You are beyond good with music and just being a You Tuber. Why do this? What is it about boxing that makes you subject yourself to the training and grind that comes along with it?

KSI: I think it’s just my legacy, man. Proving to people that I can do what they say I can’t do. So many people doubt me. Even in my first fight with, Joe Weller, so many people said I wouldn’t be able to beat him. And then to beat him so comfortably, people were like, “Damn!” But then as soon as I call out, Logan Paul everyone was like, “I don’t know, Logan’s a big guy.” And then we got a draw in the first one and I beat him in the second one. I was the underdog. People earned seriously money if I beat, Logan Paul, and I did. People were messaging me left and right thanking me. I tweeted that I was the underdog, so bet on me if you wanted to earn some easy money. Hundreds of thousands of people made money, bro. You can’t doubt me in anything; YouTube, music or boxing. You can’t doubt me, fam.

It appeared, Logan would take the high road, mutual respect was being displayed and then he said he’s appealing the decision. Your reaction to the appeal?

KSI: I was like, okay, we’re going to have respect. I was being respectful. He was doing all the right things respectfully, and now he just comes across as a sore loser. He can’t take the L. He can’t take losing. That’s why I have been going in, especially on YouTube. I just don’t respect that. We had this mutual agreement to respect each other afterwards and leave it at that. I wasn’t going to make memes, I wasn’t going to clown him, I was going to do my thing and leave it at that. But as soon as he started the BS, I was like, it’s over. I don’t care now. I’m just going to make his life a living hell. I’m going to let everyone know that you loss. It’s going to be on YouTube, you died. It’s as simple as that.

To pack the Staples Center, to have L.A. buzzing all week, what was that feeling like and have you even wrapped your mind around the magnitude of that event?

KSI: I haven’t wrapped my head around it, man. It’s crazy. None of that actually gets to me. I know there were a lot of celebrities there, millions of people watching around the world, and the tens of thousands in the Staples Center watching. But for me, my only focus was beating, Logan Paul. That was it. As soon as that was done, I was like, cool, mission accomplished, and we celebrate. That’s just it, man. I was so focused, so I didn’t really pay attention to all of that. Obviously, now, I’m soaking it all in, and it’s like, “Damn, I really did that.” But at the time, I was focused, man.

Your life truly seems to be a movie. And now, you get a collab from, Rick Ross, S-X and Lil Baby. Tell us how, “Down Like That” came together.

KSI: It all started with, S-X. We have worked together quite a few times. He sent me this track. It was, “Down Like That,” with the hook on it. I was like, “S-X, fam, this is nuts. This is ridiculous.” And bro, I wrote so many verses. I wanted all the verses (laughing). But then we talked, and we were like, “Actually, this would make sense to make it my ring walk for the fight.” And then we were like, “We can make this way bigger than we initially thought.” Before it would’ve been just me and S-X. But we wanted to shoot for the stars, and, Mams who is my music manager made it happen. We wanted, Rick Ross and Lil Baby and we got, Rick Ross and Lil Baby (laughing). Simple as that. I don’t know how he does it, I just know the future is bright now, especially because of how well the song is doing. This is me just rushing through the timeline, it was a long process, but we made it happen. We figured out; it would be sick to have them perform it as my ring walk live. It was groundbreaking stuff; historical stuff, man, and now the rest is history.

You get two heavy-hitters, the joint is doing well, what else can we expect in your near musical future?

KSI: More big songs. I’m at the top of my game right now. I’m not here to relax or take a break. I’m here to stay, here to keep going and keep pushing. I’m always grinding and working on new ideas. There are always new things that will pop up and I capitalize on them. I’m just focused. I’m here to make more music, more YouTube videos and more fights. That’s me, man. That’s me in a nutshell. I do it all.

Do you plan to jump right back in the gym, so you don’t lose too much, given the fact that you got in such good shape and want to fight again?

KSI: I won’t go right back into a camp, but I am still training quite a bit in England. Leon, who is my personal trainer, we are still doing things to make sure that we don’t just lose everything. I literally trained a week after the fight. I’m still doing my thing. Also, I don’t want to lose my abs as well, man. I’m going on Holiday in a few weeks, so yeah… I gotta look good for The Gram. I’m so focused on everything right now. I don’t even know how I do it (laughing).

The life you live is insane.

KSI: It’s just hard work, man.

Given the success of your debut in the states and your popularity, can we expect to see you in the United States more? Not just fighting, but making more appearances here?

KSI: I’ve already made my mark at the home base. I’m pretty much a household name in England. That’s why I’m moving on to the next level, America. You will definitely see me more in America. I love England. It’s my home country and I’m never going to forget about England, but yeah, you’ll definitely see me more in America for sure.

You seem to be a guy that is having a lot of fun and living life to the fullest. How important is it for you to grind hard, be about your business, but also remember to have fun and enjoy life?

KSI: It’s extremely important. For me, I’m always just myself. In my videos, I portray myself in different lights. You can’t always be serious all the time. You gotta have fun with it. That’s why I never see it as work for me. As long as you enjoy it and have fun with it then it’s not work. When you’re to the point where it’s like, “Ugh, I have to do this, ugh, I have to do that,” that’s when it becomes a downward spiral, that’s when you’re not enjoying yourself, and that’s when you don’t make the best stuff. I’m always having fun. If I’m not enjoying, let’s say, the music, I bounce off to YouTube, and if I’m not enjoying the YouTube, I bounce off to the boxing, and if I’m not enjoying the boxing, I bounce off to the music. That’s just how it is. You can’t just do something all the time because as humans we just naturally get bored with it. So, that’s why I like to switch it up, so that I never get bored and everything is always fun. And then I can choose the best content all the time on all types of things.

Rick Ross and Lil Baby are huge features. Are there any other features you have in mind?

KSI: Of course! Personally, for me, I would love to do a track with, Skepta. I would love to do a track with, Ghetts. As far as America, I think everyone wants to do a song with, Drake. That would be insane. Kendrick Lamar, but I feel like maybe he wouldn’t work with where I’m at right now. I don’t know. Again, you never know. Tyler The Creator as well. I’ve been listening to him since, “Yonkers.” ASAP Ferg is another one. I love his energy. There are so many artists, man, that I would love to do tracks with. I just want to maintain a good level all the time.

I appreciate the time. I look forward to keeping up with everything that you have going on. Keep doing your thing, brother. Is there anything else you want to add?

KSI: No, that’s it. Thank you for having me, man.

Be sure to check out, KSI’s hit, “Down Like That,” featuring, Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S-X.

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