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Published on November 20th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Matthew Pinder Releases Emotive Music Video ‘The Fall’

Matthew Pinder is no newbie to the scene – he has been impressing us with his unique pop/indie-folk creations for the past year. However, the newest release from Pinder entitled “The Fall” has captured fan’s hearts in another way. Collaborating with fellow Bahamian artist, Judah Tha Lion, Pinder re-recorded his singles “Before The Fall” and “After The Fall” to combine them into a music video short movie that is filled with emotion. The most dynamic release from Pinder to date, “The Fall” casts listeners into a deep chasm of emotion as Pinder tells a story from his own life:

“My mama had a fever that could bring down my whole house. It’s the start and stop. Push and pull. I watched my parents fall apart into each other and there was nothing I could do. The Fall was written from my mom’s perspective. We knew it was coming, we knew she would die. But knowing what was to come only amplified the fear. There was no peace of mind, no softer side. She went out a fighter, she hated the cancer as much as we did. We tried to convey the feeling of coming to terms with terminal illness. Sometimes everything looks normal, everyone thinks you’re fine. Forgetting that you’re living your last days. Other times it looks like raging seas and shouting in silence. I don’t have a bright side right now. It’s been a year and there’s still so much uncertainty. The only thing I’m sure of is we need each other. Whatever that looks like, we can’t keep going on our own. ” – Matthew Pinder


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