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Published on November 12th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Otis McDonald Continues To Head A Music Revolution With Latest Nu-Funk Single

The master of the funk-electro fusion, Otis McDonald continues to instigate those delicious pieces of nostalgia in every note of his music.

His latest single ‘Little Bit Longer’ is an ode to music’s ability to uplift any mood. With a hefty dose of nu-funk feeling and Otis’ smooth, jazzy vocals and a music video bound to make you smile, ‘Little Bit Longer’ will feel at home in your ‘feel like a boss whilst walking down the street’ playlist.

Part of a music revolution from the get go, Otis’ music has always been part of the Youtube platform that allows anyone and everyone around the world to not only access it for free but to use it in any way they see fit.

With a sound that is fresh but tangibly rooted in nostalgia, there is a heavy dose of the psychedelic soul of Shuggie Otis and a healthy slug of Michael McDonald (you may have noticed this is where the name ‘Otis McDonald’ comes from).

Otis is set to release his forthcoming album ‘People Music’ in the new year; an album whose anticipation has only furthered with every single release from Otis this year!








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