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Pop Powerhouse Riva Taylor is back with her latest single ‘Running at Walls’

Songstress Riva Taylor has hailed a successful return to the music industry this year, now it’s all change for the girl who released her first single at the tender age of 12. Here she chats to us about her new music.

What have you got coming up music wise over the next 12 months?

All the music is coming in 2020! The album. I’m very excited about that. And, we already have the next single coming out this week. I’ve had this one under wraps a long time and I’m looking forward to hearing what people think. Stay tuned to my social channels for more info and gigs be announced soon.

How do you think the music industry has changed since you first started out as a 12-year-old?

There have been so many changes in the industry with the birth of social media and digital distribution. When I was first signed there were record shops, albums sold for £15, there were three obvious routes to market an artist (TV, radio, print press). We consume music very differently now with there being so much choice, it seems that people have not just many favorite artists but also many favorite playlists that comprise of artists that fit a particular feel! What hasn’t changed I feel is the live scene for me. If you want to give your devoted and undivided attention to a favorite artist – you see them live.

What type of music do you listen too?

Wow, everything! Honestly, I don’t think I’m rare in saying that these days – streaming has meant that every genre is accessible so easily, dependent on your mood. I do love music with soul though, I love an organic, synth mix and there is a load of that around these days. When I unwind I’ll usually put on a favorite singer/songwriter like Tracey Chapman or Eric Clapton. When I want some motivation I usually throwback to the 80s. Its all about great music, great tunes, and interesting lyrics. Right now I’m loving the emerging artist Celeste.

Who would be your dream collaboration? 

Always a tough one. This past 18 months I’ve loved what Lady Gaga has been all about. It would be fun to work with her on something off the wall. A brilliant singer with so much dimension.

What is your favorite thing about performing?

The adrenalin rush, the feeling of being exposed, so long as you are well-rehearsed…the thrill of performing new material for the first time, or an old song differently. Experimentation of doing what you love!

Dream venue to perform in?

I’d love to perform at the Albert Hall again, its been a while and has so many special memories for me in the times I’ve performed there.



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