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Published on November 18th, 2019 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Shinesty CEO Chris White On Shinesty’s Holiday Season Fashion, 2020 Brand Plans & More

Shinesty is a stand-out apparel company for a variety of reasons. Not only does it make entertaining and visually-grabbing garb that will get people talking, but the Colorado fashion powerhouse warmly (and refreshingly) encourages everyday people to “stay weird.” Shinesty makes attire for all sorts of ages, genders, holidays and climates, yet each piece it designs manages to be on-brand and fun.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Shinesty CEO Chris White in November 2019 about the past, present and future of Shinesty. More on the company — whose “Pac-Mac Waka Waka” suit I wore to my wedding 2 1/2 years ago in Las Vegas — can be found online at; this includes the new Christmas Pajamas Collection:

Shinesty is a staple of my household, as I wore a Shinesty-made suit to my wedding. But how would you describe Shinesty to someone that hasn’t yet checked out the site?

Chris White: Shinesty is THE go-to apparel brand for all of life’s big and exciting moments. From the holiday Christmas party, to the big game, to that special day between you and the person you bump squishy bits with, Shinesty’s sole purpose is to enhance every event to its fullest.

Tell me about your 2019 Christmas apparel. What’s new from Shinesty?

Chris White: This year, as always, we’ve got all the classics; Christmas suits, Christmas dresses, ugly sweaters, you know the drill. But for 2019 we’re upping the ante with matching family pajamas and couples pajamas unlike you’ve ever seen before. Pajama sets, pajamaralls, kimonos, onesies, kids, babies, his & hers, we’ve really gone all out to bring the masses any possible thing they might want for their holiday-lounging experience.

How far ahead do you plan your Christmas apparel?

Chris White: We’re always trying to be as far ahead of the curve as possible. Before Christmas 2019 hits, we’ve already begun thinking about Christmas 2020.

Do you have a favorite item sold by Shinesty?

Chris White: While I wear our underwear every single day, I’ve started adding a new item to my daily office look. Although that hot little diddy won’t be available to the masses until spring of 2020, I can say that business-casual and formalwear lovers alike are about to have their worlds rocked.

What is coming up for the brand in 2020? Anything you can tell me about the brand’s upcoming plans?

Chris White: 2020 is the year of prints and patterns for us. They’re brighter, more in-your-face, and better than ever before. Ranging from swimwear, to skiwear, to matching undies and more, prepare for designs you only could’ve concocted in your wildest Burning Man fever dreams.

Is there a Shinesty accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Chris White: Getting a live 400-pound reindeer into our office, re-pioneering the business professional mullet, selling merch out of the back of an abandoned and dimly lit Kohl’s, or successfully getting half of this beautiful country laid? I mean the list of accomplishments is extensive, picking one would simply do an injustice to all of the others.

When not busy with Shinesty, how do you like to spend your free time?

Chris White: I have a small teddy-bear-like creature that religiously follows me around wherever I go. I’d say I spend about two to five hours a day with her tucked under my armpit with the remaining time allowing her to nuzzle into my lap. Is she obsessively needy? Sure, but she lowers my blood-pressure, and my doctor says that at this point I have the heart of 30-year veteran Polish ox-driver.

What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Chris White: We end up attending concerts for on business pretty regularly and everything starts to blend together, but I would say the 30-member international EDM mariachi band I saw at an underground rave a few weeks back definitely tops the list.

Finally, Chris, any last words for the kids?

Chris White: Hey kid, some grown-ups decided to have a little romp in the hay a few years back and now you have to do homework sometimes which seems like a pretty unfair trade-off if you ask me, but if you have to I’d suggest you learn to know how to not look like a schlub.

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