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Published on November 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


SXINT P Blesses Us With His New ‘Nocturne’ EP

Following the crazy success of his latest single ‘Devil May Cry,’ Melbourne based RnB/HipHop artist SXINT P will be putting his ‘Nocturne’ EP in the spotlight on November 1st via Day Ones Records!

Nocturne EP is a collection of songs that remind SXINT P of the night time. While working on the project, he came across Chopin’s Nocturnes, which are a term used to describe ‘music inspired by the night’; hence the name ‘Nocturne’. It’s the darkest collection of songs he’s made so far which is evident by the lyrics or sounds used; the tracklist tells a dark and personal story: From track 1 to 6 respectively, the themes are Death, Vulnerability, Self-Sabotage, Love, Drugs, and Sex.

“I’m hoping people will realize that showing your emotions is not a sign of weakness. It’s natural and I think necessary to reach out for help so that we don’t lose our human connection. We don’t have to be ashamed or hide our sadness or depression.” -SXINT P on Nocturne EP

The focus single of Nocturne Moonlight’ serves as an anthem to those who know someone with a mental illness or have been on the brink of depression themselves. It hopes to ease the pain and remind listeners that they are loved and suicide is never the answer.

SXINT P is planning a huge show to kickstart 2020 with his three co-members of collective group KILL Collective (Carter, Sin Santos, and CHUX). He envisions the show to be big as it’s their first time performing together live on the same stage. Keep on the lookout for official announcements by following SXINT P’s socials below!





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