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Published on November 27th, 2019 | by Marilyn Reles


Synth-Pop Artist Space Tyger Gets Introspective With New Visual ‘Weather’

The historic town of Muscle Shoals, AL is known for its unforgettable musicians and hits. In 2019, local synth pop artist Space Tyger is making a firm name for himself, adding to the heritage of honest, heart-driven sounds. Having just released his third full-length album Bittersweet on 11/8, Space Tyger is seeing incredible growth with stand out singles like Weather, which received placements on some of Spotify’s most respected playlists (Fresh Finds & Indie Palace). The visual for the track provides a moody backdrop to a thought-provoking song, inviting listeners into a dreamlike sequence of projected visuals that pair perfectly with his atmospheric vibe. The vocals, delivered with soul, communicate the feeling of trusting that something you believe in is going to last forever and further trusting in that feeling, even if it’s something you’ve never experienced before. “Truth be told, we’re getting old…it seems like time is running”. A good thing often seems fleeting and Space Tyger, formally known as Kyle Bragwell, knows the value of making it last as long as possible.

The choice of purple as the primary color in this visual communicates a calm stability; an effective decision for someone who wishes to hang onto something invaluable. While purple is often associated with royalty or power, he does a great job of keeping the track grounded in a rooted and genuine place. His genre-less sound reaffirms his modern approach and the lyrics deliver a compelling take on storytelling. Released with label Single Lock Records, the entire Bittersweet album explores the experience of searching for relief from your pain by leaning on relationships, your work, and other distractions before eventually accepting you can only look internally for validation. “Without me realizing it, Bittersweet was my way of explaining these past two years of my life,” Bragwell says. “I was in a place where I was disillusioned with what I was doing. I was numb from the mood stabilizers I was prescribed. But then she came around.” It’s no mystery that Space Tyger has put his own stamp on the ongoing rich history of Muscle Shoals. Whether it’s a romance, an obstacle, or a misdiagnosis, this artist tells his story like a novel – drawing listeners in through chapter after chapter of intriguing and inspirational art.

Listen to Space Tyger on Spotify and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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