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Who is Migs718?

Migs718  is a Staten Island native that is working continuously to make his mark in the entertainment industry. Starting off as a professional dancer; Migs718 love for music and the hip-hop culture grew through his dance career. Grooming himself as an artist; the Staten Island native became accustomed to his writing  and music skills; creating hit songs such as “Two Door” and “Movado”; which has landed this promising artist over 150,000+ streams. Gaining recognition through power media outlets such as Hot 97, Hip Hop Mike and Forbes magazine; Migs718 is ready to show the world that he is here and is not going anywhere when it comes to the music scene. Along with his current EP titled “Fearless”; Migs718 is curating and waiting for the perfect time to bless his loyal following with new music coming soon.

The Hype decided to converse more with Migs718 to weigh in on his music career!

As you see your self, who is Migs178, both as an artist and an individual?

Migs718: Migs718 is all energy. I have become an individual that doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion. I want everyone to know that I’m here and I’m not going nowhere. I will keep my foot on the games neck until I’m the best i can be.

I demand respect because my waves are getting bigger.

Take us on your journey into becoming Migs 718; what obstacles do you believe helped molded your character as an artist?

Migs718: Being scammed and not being taken seriously are big obstacles i had to learn to work with. There are a lot of snakes in the independent scene and people saw me as easy money when i started because i was a gung ho rookie in it. Now I’m not and I have accolades that blow those people’s stats out the water and nobody can touch the moves me and my team have made in such a small amount of time.

Who are your biggest influences in the music industry?

Migs718: My biggest influences have to be people like Travis Scott and Method Man. They both have shown me how to break boundaries and that it’s way cooler being different and just putting out whatever you feel like. I got a lot of ideas and I’m not scared to try out something totally different and I think that puts me at a whole different level.

If you were not able to become an artist; what other career fields interest you and why?

Migs718: I was a dancer first I have four years experience with choreographed work and casting calls and the grind behind it is just as wild as the music and that’s something i would probably be doing.

What projects should we expect in the near future?

Migs718: I have single after single after single recorded just waiting for the right time to drop as well as new visuals that are going to be put together to go with some of the tracks. I’m trying to up my game since I’ve only got one visual out I want to start drawing more eyes not just ears. Every track is hard and I’m rapping I believe my best since I started my rap career


Written by: Shayna Lavaughn

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