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Who is Tafia?

North Miami native Tafia is an established rapper, songwriter and creative director that understands the necessity of grinding within the music industry. While being incarcerated for seven years; Tafia mastered his skills as a songwriter alongside practicing his raps and creating his own beats through beat boxing. The time Tafia spent away from the world has strengthen his storytelling lyrics; becoming influential, relate-able and inspiring to his loyal following. Within the last three years out of incarceration; Tafia has dropped six mix tapes within three years, giving fans insight into his authentic and dynamic lifestyle. His new EP “King Ape” features his popular single “Glizzy in Chanel”. As a respected artist in the music industry; Tafia has build genuine relations among the elite including Da Baby, Zoey Dollaz, Meek Millz, Fat Joe, Swaelee and more. Tafia makes sure that he gives to the community that has given to himself and he strives everyday to make his mark in the music industry.

The Hype decided to catch up with Tafia to see what is to come in the future!

When did you realize that you wanted to be a prominent artist in the entertainment industry?

Tafia: I knew I wanted to be a prominent artist in the entertainment industry from the reactions I was getting from random people from different states, that knew who I was, just from an interview I did that went viral. People were begging to drop more music and were telling me not to stop.

Where did the name ”Tafia” originate? Is their a meaning behind your stage name?

Tafia: It was a name I got from my native language. “Tafia” is what we call rum. But it was just different instead of calling myself “Lil” this or “young” that. I’m different in a lot of ways.

What is your motivation to create your music portfolio?

Tafia: My motivation comes from what I’ve been through. I’ve been fighting all my life. Fighting for peace and true happiness and not having to struggle anymore. My happiness usually only lasts for a couple days at a time.

What are your 3 top favorite records of your music and why are those choices significant to yourself?

Tafia: I actually have more than 3 favorite songs of mine but if I had to choose 3 it would be “I’m the type,” “Let Me Love You” and “Aquafina.” Those songs set the tone for ANYONE and ANYWHERE.

What should we expect from you in the near future? New music/videos?

Tafia: Expect a lot coming from me in the near future. A LOT! Haha that’s a threat and a promise.


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