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2SD: A Single A Week Until Christmas

Rising Hip Hop superstar 2SD has been releasing a single a week until Christmas, which is when his highly anticipated album is set to be launched with a blast. With his humble demeanor, and his message driven rhymes, 2SD holds the promise of a funky, refreshing, salacious rap.

His rapping inauguration came onto the streetlights of the neighborhood of Lake Elsinore, California with a couple of friends. In 2011 he created a SoundCloud account and begin posting hip-hop and rap songs with fellow rappers including, KJ Smith, Young Roland, and Big Bruin. Since then 2SD has started his independent label, Sober Dimes, and in conjunction with New Nation Entertainment has been producing and collaborating with artists and putting out mix tapes for all to celebrate.

I had the honor of speaking with 2SD regarding his style, his rhyme and his future endeavors…..

What inspires your music?

I’ve been around music for a very long time. I used to DJ when I was younger. Just hearing the way people react to a song. I want people to hear what I gotta say. I appreciate it and that made me want to pursue it more.

In your new song “Endings” you speak about loss. You say it’s written about your true life, can you explain how?

Back in 2003 my younger brother, who was also my best friend because we had a bond that was up breakable. Well, one night on his way home from work after working a double shift two days before thanksgiving he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree head on going about 70 mph and was killed instantly. I also lost 2 of my best friends to gun violence, they were both walking to the liquor store a block from there house to get milk for their mom to make dinner, but they never made it back. They were shot dead in front of the store. The last one is my sister and my aunt which both passed away this year about 3 months apart from each other and that is when I decided to write this song. And that’s what brought me to Tears in the booth because I was reflecting on my losses. These were all tragic events in my life.

What inspired “Inferno”

Lol, Inferno was inspired by a girl I briefly dated which turned out to be a big mistake for a lot of reasons, but she was a lot younger than I was and approached me, and if you listen to “Inferno,” you’ll see it all started with a text from her lol. So, I decided to write about that day and my experiences.

Can you going to detail about the diabetes foundation you are hoping to set up and why?

The diabetes foundation is The American Diabetes Foundation, and I am planning to donate a portion of the proceeds of my album sales to help try to find a cure for this killer disease. It hits really close to home for me because my mom is diabetic and so was my grandfather and I watched it change their lives dramatically and in fact, it took my grandfather’s life at the age of 50. I feel strongly that I need to help and I’m not looking to be rich, I just want to be remembered as someone who cared about his community, which I do love.

What is an average evening at the studio like?

Lol, the average night at the studio is anything but average when me and the rap mates get together. It usually starts to become a party 🎉 and we actually all will get on the Mic and challenge each other to who can drop a hotter verse so it’s a lot of fun. There’s no place I would rather be than in the studio living  my dream and visions of being on stage with the worlds ears on me.

What is the name of your new album and why is it so special to you?

The name of my album is  “The Next Move,” and it is really special to me. I’ve put out mixed tapes, I’ve been featured on lots of singles with international rappers from Canada, the UK and even Spain. This is my first official Album and I believe this is the next step in my journey to meet the world.

Tell me about 2SD?

I’m a single father, raising 3 boys. It’s definitely a challenge, boys can be rough. I have my mother, she helps out.

Where do you want to be in five years with all that talent?

I’d like to be able to show the world what I can do.

Check out the making of “Inferno” here:

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Stream “Endings” on Soundcloud here:

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