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Brooklyn’s DioMara Discusses Her 2019 Rise and What’s in Store for 2020

DioMara, born Diomara Xionida Delvalle, is a Panamanian-American Singer/Songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. She lived amongst her fellow Caribbean and Latinx peers on Flatbush Avenue, so the culture, along with the American musical culture of Soul and R&B led to the diversity of DioMara’s musical palette. Early 2018 DioMara released “ I Just Want U”, where she lays her vulnerability on wax as she revisits old wounds produced by Brooklyn duo BLVK MVGK. She then goes on to release “Ms. Beautiful”, a fun, summer anthem, where she encourages all her fellow queens to “shoot your shot”. Empowering, virtuous, provocative and stirring the emotions of the individual are all descriptive of this powerhouses disposition.

Revolt TV says “The Brooklyn-bred singer has captivated audiences with her soul-bearing harmonies and equally striking stage presence”.

Alchemy, the process of turning base metals into gold, a magical process of transformation, is a title fitting for DioMara’s journey, not only as an artist, but as a Millennial who has taken her career by the horns in an oversaturated but highly resourceful climate. DioMara has gotten the opportunity to share her art on stages presented by Audiomack, NBC Universal, AfroPunk, Sofar Sounds, Apple, Verizon, SXSW, Sway in the Morning, Afro-Latino Festival, IMG Records, Airbnb and so much more! As a WNDR WMN, she’s been able to merge the worlds of artistry/performance, business and philanthropy all in the name of divine femininity. DioMara is a Woman’s Woman and is here to tell the stories of many.

Alchemy Project

Alchemy is an 8 track EP that reflects my journey and some of the more important parts of who I am and what I value. It’s the part of a collection of music I’ve created while on this journey and represents about 7 years of self work, exploration as an artist, failures, triumphs, old relationships, new relationships, old consciousness, new consciousness and how I’ve evolved as a human being. I worked with so many talented artists to bring Alchemy to life some of which include, Jymmi Helix, a producer duo by the name of BLVK MVGK, Marcus Miller, Michael Ashby, Hazali and many others. Alchemy will always be relevant to me because I will continue to alchemize my life, turn lemons into lemonade and completely tap into the God within me to achieve my wildest dreams. I’m the magic and the process is never ending.

Tell us about your 2019 highlights

2019 was such a phenomenal year for me! It started with a lot of blessings but the very first major one was being able to play SXSW. That was the first time in a very long time since I performed outside of NY. After that, I was able to do a solo show in collaboration with Apple at the Apple Williamsburg location. Being able to play the Afro-Latino festival in representation of my Panamanian culture was MASSIVE for me. Nothing like love from those within your own culture. Also one of the biggest moments was being able to conceptualize and curate some of the major stages I played this year. Performing at Verizon Media in April and then Twitter Inc in September was such a major accomplishment because as an independent artist usually those spaces are reserved for those who are attached to major entities and I was not only able to access it on behalf of my art but also provide platforms for other creative women in NYC. Lastly, I RELEASED MY EP, Alchemy!

What were your biggest lessons in 2019?

2019 taught me that taking big leaps and having faith in your own ideas is CRUCIAL. If your dreams scare you then you’re doing something right. I accomplished things this year that I was once super fearful of but 2019 taught me to completely trust myself.

Where do you see yourself in the grand scheme of music

I see myself as one of the most impactful beings in music but also entrepreneurship. Being able to be that person spoken about for her candidness in her records but also for the uniqueness in her tone, reminiscent of all of our favorite voices growing up. I see myself leading a particular sound simply because of how eclectic my palette is due to my upbringing in Latinidad, West Indian culture, African American culture and also choral music teachings.

How has your music grown since you stepped on the scene?

I’ve been a recording artist since 2012 and my music has gotten progressively more candid and production-wise, more complex. I’m fearless in the topics I address and also in the vocal productions of my records. I explore my voice so much more!

What do you get from making music?

I get peace. I get happiness and I get freedom. Every time I make a fire record I feel like a superhuman because not only is having a great singing voice God-given, so it the ability to create appealing music. It does something to my confidence!

One song from another artist you wish you had written?

Bad Blood from NAO! That song talks about something so relevant and the way that she addresses everything so poetically and then the melodies she chooses is just genius to me! Another one is African Giant by Burna Boy. Literally the concept of African Giant is GENIUS and shows so much pride in the continent. Also, the way he rides the beat there’s no way one cannot move!

What’s on your slate for 2020?

WOW! More music for sure. More ventures with the businesses I co-run; WNDR WMN & Million Watts. A lot of brand partnerships and also exploring my different talents such as on air talent and acting. I’ll be looking to double the execution I managed in 2019 for 2020! Just overall MAGIC!

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