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Published on December 17th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Colorado Myrical Rolls a 3 the Hard Way With an EP Series

In 2019, Colorado Myrical released 3 the Hard Way, with a different approach to the idea of a music release. The project is three part serial EP that examines three concepts, Hustle, Love, and Respect, as a process. “…The consumption of music and television is so fast-paced nowadays,” Myrical said. “I figured, why not turn a musical release into something like a tv series release. 3 EPs 6 Videos 3 months.”

The anthology starts with Hustle, which highlighted Myrical’s work ethic and hunger. It’s about getting to the money, taking care of business, and finding the luxury of stability. “I wanted it to showcase my more uptempo, street, party-like vibe, but with the message of getting to it—really buckling down and getting everything you planned on getting, then celebrating in those moments,” he explained.

Part two, Love, shows off Myrical’s penchant for the stories about love in R&B music. “Music for me is REAL emotional so I wanted to show more of my commercial, more melodic, smooth type vibe. This project was geared more towards all the different forms of love—from fake love to lost love to real love—and me just really letting certain emotions go and touching on certain topics that most have never heard me touch on.”

Respect is the third and final act.  The series finale flaunts Myrical’s lyrical skill and reminds us that he helped build the wave before anyone could even try to ride it. “I told myself that by the end of this chapter, I wanted people to respect me for the true artist I am.. and not jus another rapper.”

 “In the natural form of life you have to get yourself together first,” he revealed to 303 Magazine in an earlier interview. “There is no way for you to find any type of love if you’re not already together, so you have to go through the hustle first. Then, you get the love and then respect comes after that. Respect is going to come once you have all of that together.”

When he was only 14 years old, Colorado Myrical formed Soulja Fam Entertainment with a group of friends. The early formation of the label eventually evolved into what was  known in Denver as the “Box Boyz“. Myrical, TheyCallHimAPTrev Rich (known then as Rockie), Pries, Young TennerLKeys, and G6 formed the alliance to showcase some of Denver’s youngest heavy-hitters of the time period. Over the last decade, each artist grew beyond the confines of their respective “boxes” and continue to build on their solid industry foundations.

Throughout the years, Myrical collaborated and  performed with well-known artists like Trae Tha TruthYung DroOT GenasisYoung BuckScotty ATLTwista, and Fabolous. Nevertheless, his catalogue is material proof of his legendary status as a true hometown hero. His name, at the very least, is a statement of commitment to his community. As one of Colorado’s hottest artists,  Myrical’s grind seems like it’ll never stop. If you don’t know about Myrical, get acquainted.

Check out the video for “Check” from 3 the Hard Way: Hustle below!

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