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Published on December 5th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Dahsar By Rashad Is Carving Its Own Lane in Upscale Fashion

Celebrity fashion designer and stylist Rashad Calhoun has always had a knack for creating bold and innovative clothing that pushes the envelope. At the age of 14, the 31 year-old got his hands on his first sewing machine, and when his mother bought him high priced clothes, he would cut them up into his own styles. Although it sounds like a nightmare for a working mother investing her hard-earned cash, it was clear early on that Calhoun had a gift that was impossible to ignore.

Fast forward to today, and the Chester, PA native is the CEO and founder of his own designer brand, Dahsar by Rashad. He is frequently invited to showcase Dahsar at some of the biggest fashion shows and events across the country, including New York Fashion Week. He styles celebrities like Lil’ Mo, Selena Johnson, Charli Baltimore, Toronto Raptors player Rondae Jefferson, Rain Pryor, Love & Hip Hop’s Mariah Lynn and many others – and at the end of every school year, he is bombarded with requests for prom dresses and tuxedos, creating some of the most brilliant and eye-popping threads you have ever seen. His work has been featured in numerous magazines and news outlets, including on Yahoo.com and BET.

“I always had a vision of having my own store and big brand,” he said. “I didn’t want to go to college. I had no plan B, because there was nothing I wanted to do but be in the fashion industry. It really soothes my soul. It is a whole other world. Especially Fashion week, which is like a designer’s super bowl. It’s very therapeutic for me.”

After all, his hometown of Chester, PA, located just outside of Philadelphia can be a very rough place to come up, so his desire to escape the chaos for a more peaceful existence is an understatement. Calhoun has lost loved ones to crime and gun violence.  However, his art has been an effective way for him to channel negative energy into something positive.

Dahsar is a combination of Calhoun’s experiences as a product of inner-city America, his imagination and inspirations drawn from some of his favorite fashion icons such as Alexander Mcqueen. He has tons of styles for both men and women that are fiercely dark and dramatic, with each meticulously assembled piece telling its own story.

The fashion industry is extremely competitive with high stakes, but Calhoun says that he is not worried about competition and feels no pressure. He doesn’t follow trends or seasons. He creates his own lane and is confident maneuvers in it.

“I always go by what I see in the moment. If I am feeling down and depressed, my styles are dark and they reflect that moment. If I am upbeat, the styles are bold and vibrant.  I tell a story. Same with on the runway,” he said.”

As he prepares for 2020, New York Fashion Week is again on the radar, in addition to him hosting his own solo show in March entitled “Dahsar’s Blood of the Runway.” He is also planning his own fashion week. Of course, as the brand continues to make waves in the fashion world, Calhoun is looking to open his upscale boutique storefront and to style more high profile celebrity clients, both men and women.

To keep up with Dahsar by Rashad, or to reach the brand for your fashion needs, be sure to follow on Instagram at @officiallydahsarand on Twitter at @DahsarbyRashad.


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