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Published on December 1st, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Figuero Jones and ErikiBeatz Drop Heartfelt Music Video for ‘FR’

Perth based prodigies, Figuero Jones & ErikiBeatz (producer) are back on the screen with their new music video ‘FR’ now available on all streaming platforms via Day Ones Records. The music video serves as their fifth collaboration with Sonder Films following the success of their past releases Shakey, and KG Flow. The single ‘FR’ is taken from the collectives latest EP 9 Grand Show that was released earlier this month.

In ‘FR’, we find Figuero in his most vulnerable stage to date as he pours his heart out to an unnamed belle. FR is a cautionary tale of a star crossed lovers’ heartbreak, anguish and resolve. Visually Sonder Films excels in capturing the true essence of the record and takes you on an emotional journey thanks to a passionate and heartfelt solo on-screen performance from Figuero.

”I was living inside a lie and it was frighting (sic), I had to swallow up my pride I kept it righteous, They could never buy my soul because it’s priceless. They could never have my spirit because it’s mine first, And I would’ve given it all for you, for real… “ – quoted from ‘FR’

Figuero and Eriki end an unprecedented run in 2019 having collaborated on a total of 18 songs, across 2 albums, to go with the 5 music videos by Sonder Films in 2019. This has lead to an overwhelming amount of support from media outlets such as MTV and tastemaker blogs such as Life Without Andy. They’ve also made phenomenal noise on streaming platforms by consistently landing editorial lists on both Apple Music and Spotify, resulting in over 700,000 streams on their earlier release ‘Gully SZN’ on Spotify alone.

You can keep up to date with Figuero Jones and ErikiBeatz as they close off a successful 2019 and prepare for an even bigger 2020 via their socials below.




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