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Jamir “Lil Future” Robertson: Philadelphia’s 14-Year Old Boxing Phenom

14-year old, Jamir “Lil Future” Robertson lets his hands do his talking!

Approximately 5-years ago a photo surfaced of a kid with a shredded six-pack flexing his muscles. The then 9-year old kid went by the name of, “Lil Future.” Not long after the photo surfaced a YouTube video came out to this kid punishing other kid’s during sparring sessions, perfecting mitt routines with his father, Mark and showing fluent movements on the heavy bag and jump roping. “Lil Future” is Jamir Robertson from the fighting city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His talent is apparent, and his humbleness is a reflection of his upbringing. Now, a 14-year old freshman at Bishop Mcdevitt Catholic of Philadelphia, “Future” balances boxing and quarterback duties for his school. He’s recently been focusing on perfecting his craft but expect to see him back entering tournaments in early 2020.

I caught up with, “Lil Future” for our first interview since I last spoke to him back in 2014 to get caught up on all things, “Future.” Not to my surprise, the future still shines bright for, Jamir Robertson.

What’s up, lil soldier. Long time no speak. How are you?

Jamir Robertson: What’s up? I’m just chillin.

It’s so weird hearing you all grown up. Our first interview was back in January of 2014. You were 9-years old. You’re a high school freshman now. What’s been good with you?

Jamir Robertson: Everything is real good. School is good, sports good… just staying out the way.

It’s been amazing not only watching you grow as a fighter and an athlete but watching your brand grow. You have over 124,000 Instagram followers and your Twitter following is going up. What has the journey been like for you taking it all in?

Jamir Robertson: Well, when I was younger, I used to dream of all of this and my dad [Mark Robertson] made all of it come true. We just stayed humble, believed in God and everything just fell into place.

Do you get a lot of people in your inbox with questions about your workouts, sparring sessions and things like that?

Jamir Robertson: My dad monitors my Instagram activity, but absolutely. I respond to a lot of young athletes asking me about the Olympics, at what age do I feel like I will turn pro and a lot of them ask, how do I stay so humble knowing a lot of famous people. I definitely enjoy interacting with my fans and supporters.

Smart man. You are also the quarterback on your football team. Have you found the perfect balance for your football time and your boxing time yet?

Jamir Robertson: I’ll just continue to do both of them. I’ll figure it out… probably about my junior year of high school, and definitely by the time I’m heading to college a decision will be made.

You were 9-years old when we first spoke. How old are you now; 15ish?

Jamir Robertson: I turn 15 in January.

You have built some amazing relationships. You had the opportunity to walk Andre Ward to the ring for one of his fights holding his belts, you hit the mitts with Floyd Mayweather Sr. I’m sure those were experiences you will never forget. It seems like, Dre still shows a lot of love.

Jamir Robertson: It’s been amazing. Andre Ward shows so much love to me and my dad. Whenever we get a chance to see him, he will really stop whatever he is doing just to come speak to us.

Do you hit him up for advice or speak with him on the phone at all?

Jamir Robertson: It’s all love. I got his number, but I don’t really hit him up like that because he’s a busy guy.

Your journey has been great. You met the late, Nipsey Hussle, Shakur Stevenson, Bennie Briscoe; great minds and talents. Having been on this platform at such a young age, what keeps you humble?

Jamir Robertson: My dad. He really doesn’t want me to get too big headed because of the stuff that I’ve experienced or accomplished so far in my life. He always wants me to stay focused because we’re just trying to make it until we get to our goal.

You are the general in the boxing ring and on the football field. You are the quarterback on your team. Who do you enjoy watching and learning from in football?

Jamir Robertson: My favorite quarterback is, Lamar Jackson. I really look up to him because a lot of people were doubting him when he came out of college. He’s just proving people wrong right now and doing good.

Floyd Mayweather is retired now, Andre Ward is also retired now, who are some boxers that are can’t miss fighters for you?

Jamir Robertson: I like watching, “Tank.” Gervonta “Tank” Davis. I still study back in the day fighters. I still watch, Floyd. I study a lot of fighters. Pernell Whitaker will always be someone I study. Me and my dad sit down and study his fights and movements. We just take lil stuff from him.

I feel like since your body has filled out, you are more aggressive. In some of your sparring videos when you were younger, you seemed more of a counterpuncher. Now, you’re walking guys down. Do you feel like you are being more assertive in there?

Jamir Robertson: Right now, we’re just focusing on me getting bigger, stronger and faster. So, I’m just staying poised in the ring, picking my shots and being aggressive in spots. But we’re not trying to be reckless in the ring. We’re trying to remain smart.

Do you have any tournaments lined up or is it all about just being in the gym and working on your craft at this point?

Jamir Robertson: Right now, I’m just working on my craft. Next year, at the beginning of the year, January or February, I’ll be getting back in the ring.

It is such an understatement to have a father in your life and for yours to not only play such a prominent role, but to be a part of what you do, I’m sure that’s irreplaceable.

Jamir Robertson: It’s amazing. My dad does a lot for me. He really tries his best to push me and keep me humble. Where I’m from, there is a lot of killing, violence and drama. He keeps me in the gym; whether it’s football, boxing, soccer, baseball or basketball. Just going to a fitness center to workout. He keeps me in the gym opposed to the streets. He keeps me grounded and that’s something that I can really respect.

Give us a quick bio. Where are you from?

Jamir Robertson: My name is, Jamir Robertson, I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I’m in the 9th grade. I play football and I box. I’m a phenom. My goal is to just make it out; out of Philadelphia.

I didn’t notice this until I saw you throw a football. You’re left-handed, but you fight out of an orthodox stance. I never knew that before.

Jamir Robertson: When I was younger my dad… I never really tried to fight as a southpaw. He wanted my left hand up front because that’s my stronger hand and I could hit people with my jab and my hook. But in football, I’m a lefty, so I just throw with my dominant hand.

A lot of people don’t know it, but Andre Ward is left-handed, Miguel Cotto and Oscar De La Hoya, and they all fought out of an orthodox stance.

Jamir Robertson: There are definitely a couple of left-handed fighters who prefer to fight with their left-hand as their lead hand.

I recently found out that, LeBron James is actually left-handed.

Jamir Robertson: You just told me. I didn’t know that either.

When you’re around, Shakur, Ward, Floyd Sr., are you just a sponge soaking up knowledge?

Jamir Robertson: Yep! I was just taking it in. At first, I was in awe. Me meeting, Floyd’s dad and Andre Ward, I was like, “Man, this is crazy.” I never thought that could happen. You watch it on TV where kids meet famous people all of the time, but I never thought it would happen to me.

Keep making me, your family and your city proud. It definitely won’t be another 5- years in between interviews again. Is there anything else before I let you go?

Jamir Robertson: Everyone can follow me on Instagram at officialbigfuture and on Twitter @officialbigfut. I’m the next big thing. I’m next up.

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