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Published on December 10th, 2019 | by Makenna Maness


Logic, YBN Cordae, J.I.D., Silas Dallas Concert Review

If I had to sum up this entire concert in 3 words, I would say this: It. Was. Lit.

The energy at this show was unbelievable!

The night kicked off with up-and-coming rapper Silas, who’s been signed to Logic’s label Bobby Boy Records since June 2019. Since then his Spotify streams have reached over 6 million, and his performance made it clear why. The man can make music! Keep an eye out for this artist, he will soon be storming the charts.

Our second act was YBN Cordae, and he gave us an exhilarating show. His energy was unmatched; jumping and dancing around the stage, fully engaged with his audience, adrenaline clearly pumping through his veins. Thanks to him bringing his A game, the crowd went wild!

J.I.D. came on next, picking up the excitement that Cordae left behind on stage. J.I.D. was just as welcomed and celebrated as his predecessor, and the show carried on with ever-growing enthusiasm and thrilling music. Logic did an excellent job when he created his artist lineup for this particular show.

Speaking of the headlining act, the main man himself put on an unforgettable performance, while simultaneously honoring those that have helped him reach his success. Known for making a genuine connection with his fans and followers, Logic made a point during the show to interact with a particular fan/photographer, Jay Badillo (@JayOne16), and borrow his camera from the pit. In 2018, Jay had driven 4 hours to photograph Logic’s show, only to have his camera broken right before the set. Logic got wind of the tragedy and called out Jay while he was on stage, thanking him for being such a big fan, and offering his own photographer’s camera for Jay to use. At this 2019 show, in the middle of his performance, when Logic recognized Jay in the pit, he asked him to return the favor, and of course Jay obliged. The rapper ran around the stage snapping shots of the photographers and audience; capturing this magical moment he created for everyone present. I was lucky enough not only to get an amazing photo of him taking a photo of us, but also have his photo in question which shows off everyone that was there, including me, Jay, and the other photographers in the pit. On that night Logic made an impact on everyone in the room, and I think it is a perfect example of who he is as an artist, performer, and person. If his tour is coming through your town, don’t miss your chance to experience his show. I’m certainly glad that I didn’t.

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Makenna Maness


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