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MC Great Daeg “VLAD”

MC Great Daeg has just released one of the coolest rap videos on the planet called, “Vlad”, a murderous, vampire-esq joy.  Great Daeg, aka Daeg Faerch, is more than qualified to produce a music video of that intense caliber having portrayed the role of young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s horror remake of Halloween.

Named one of the all-time Top Ten Kids in Horror, and ranked number 2 greatest “evil kid” performance in horror, he can also be seen in the Will Smith’s film “Hancock”, “Wreck the Halls” with Mickey Rooney, “Suffer the Little Children”, based on a story by Stephen King, “Sebastian”, and a bunch of other films and TV episodes. He has also been in a Blondie video, and celebrates a successful modeling career. Most recently aside from the rhyme, Daeg is also a sponsored bodybuilder by Insane Lab.

Always loving music and vampires from a young age, Daeg is actively rapping as well as filming new movies. I spoke with Daeg regarding his music journey as well as his film career….

What inspired you to rap?

I’ve always liked music. I started playing piano when I was really young, I went to guitar, then bass and then drums. I started writing actually therapeutically, then I just kept writing music.

Do you still play all those instruments?

I don’t play them anymore, but I produce.

Who were your musical influences?

My mom raised me on Blondie, Billy Idol, and reggae. But my first favorite rapper was E-40 and still is one of my favorite rappers today.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you need to happen?

Just playing is good enough for me. I love performing. I mean the more theatrical it is the cooler. I like fire and shit… if the crowd is cheering me, I could stage dive…

Do think that being in those scary movies influenced your music?

It probably did, but I’m not one hundred percent sure because I was in Halloween so long ago. I’m sure it influenced the way I thought, I think even to this day. I’m not the biggest horror fan. I love vampires, that’s my thing. I LOVE vampires, that’s the reason my hair is long. I saw “Interview with a Vampire” when I was like 4, and I wanted to be them. It kind of just stuck. It’s obviously not the sole reason anymore why my hair is long.

I love vampires too and that was a classic movie. Do you think you might pick up and go on tour? 

I really want to, I hope that that happens one hundred and ten percent. I have loved performing from day one. The second I could speak I started doing plays. I just wanted to be up there and perform. The same with the music, I just love being on stage. I could feel shitty right before I have to go on stage, but then 5 seconds into the performance I feel great

I saw a bunch of your videos and they are super unique and creative. Is it you who produces, designs, and conceives them?

 A lot of my videos I just make myself with my friends, laptop and phone..

Some of my best videos that I dropped this year were actually done with different directors and editors. for example HOT AF, PULL YO HAIR and now VLAD.

Aside from your music, you have some films coming up?

I just finished a pretty cool stoner movie. I have a couple of movies that have come out within the past couple of years. One is called “Josie” starring Sophie Turner who played Jean Grey in “Dark Phoenix.” I have a couple of TV shows that are out right now.

Which TV shows?

Right now what’s up is “Now Apocalypse”, and also “American Vandals.”

So, you’re like a triple treat. You’re a successful model as well?

Yeah I do model. I’m working on my body actually. I’m sponsored by a pre-work out company. I’m technically a sponsored bodybuilder even though I don’t look like it.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Helping the world where it needs help. I want to be known as a great artist all the way around type shit, in modeling, acting, music…I love doing it all.

Do you have any advice to give anyone who wants to be you?

My advice is never tell yourself no, because there are plenty of people that can do that for you. If you tell yourself no you’re not giving yourself any chance. Keep at it and don’t be the one that’s telling yourself no. Let somebody else tell you no. There’s a chance they might say yes.

Right! If you could have me ask you any question in the world, what would that question be?

If I want a million dollars…

Do you want a million dollars, and what would you do with it?

Yes, I want a million dollars, and I would start off by buying a house for my mom, so she didn’t have to work anymore. That I’ve got it all covered. Then from that point I would start thinking about where I would want to put my money, like maybe an investment. Then I would also invest money in myself, like into my music studio. Maybe even produce a film.

You’re a color inside a crayon box, what color are you and why?

Yellow. It’s bright, it’s nice, my name is Daeg which means daytime in Danish. I feel like my ora is yellow.

A soundtrack of your life has just been recorded, what songs are on it?

Start with “Stoked”  then we would go to “What’s Happening” …”Ok, I Think Im Getting the Hang of This”,  and then this is more of the hopeful future “Boom, Got It Done.”

What influences your songs?

“Life.” Like I stated, I originally started writing for therapeutic reasons, so if I’m fucking stoked about something you’re gonna hear it. But then take something like “VLAD”, I was feeling a little more blue, and that’s what came out.


Check out the “VLAD” music video here:



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