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Published on December 17th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Nikmoody Drops A Charged Up Visual For “Time Bomb”

Fed up with all of the stigma and societal norms surrounding his rap career, Nikmoody does not hesitate to express his bottled up emotions in the track ‘Time Bomb’ in his newest EP The Quiet One. Nikmoody is running away from his repressed emotions regarding his ex’s, close friends addiction to drugs, mental illness and struggles of his rap career. Nikmoody rants about the hardships faced in his career as an artist and other lingering issues that were on his mind. Nikmoody ends the track with the repeated lyrics “Tick tick I’m turning into a time bomb” expressing his anger and how he’s fed up with the negative people and energy that still hold a place in the back of his mind.

“Time Bomb” is a song of pent-up aggression. Nik unleashes his bottled up emotion on an old school boom-bap instrumental and the video echoes the sentiment. Chased down by a mysterious man in a suit, Nik escapes the allure of societal norms in pursuit of the underground rap scene. – NIKMOODY

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