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Published on December 6th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Premiere: Coyote Eyes has a Haunting Approach to Christmas with her cover of “O Come O Come Emmanuel”

Christmas season is finally upon us and the air is filled with blissfulness and joyful spirits. With an abundance of spritely tunes that are known worldwide during this holiday, it is refreshing to hear a different take on the age-old song. Coyote Eyes, the alter-ego of Jo Eubanks from New York City, does just that in the release of her cover “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” giving an edgier vibe to an otherwise known cheerful time.

In her cover of “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” Coyote Eyes shows off her dark and mysterious voice. Her vocals are haunting, as well as enchanting, as she sings this historical piece. With this cover, she sets herself apart from other Christmas carols, not only because of the dark undertones but also with the message that “O Come O Come Emmanuel” sends. Coyote Eyes sings the lyrics of suffering and hope for a better future, captivating her listeners as she leaves a memorable impact with her alluring tones.

“O Come O Come Emmanuel” is the 5th released single from Coyote Eyes. Her previous single, “Blood Moon (Veneficium),” was released on October 31st and perfectly captured the spooky essence that is Halloween. With the release of her other three singles, “Top Of The World,” “Looking For God,” and “Rain,” in the past year, she has created the start to her career as a dark-pop and multi-disciplinary artist.

Coyote Eyes is currently working with Ruslan Odnoralov (Lennon Stella, Chainsmokers, Ruelle and Fleurie) and is focusing on transition her music to cinematic pop. As Jo Eubanks, she delved into the Los Angeles songwriting scene, penning original music with Trey Campbell (Bebe Rexha, Bea Miller, Adam Lambert), Allison Kaplan (David Guetta, BTS), and Andrew Dixon (Colbie Caillat). Before returning to New York to work with Grammy award-winning producer Mario J. McNulty (David Bowie, Philip Glass, Nine Inch Nails). 

For more information about Coyote Eyes visit: Website |Spotify| Instagram | Facebook



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