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Published on December 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Rap Contemporary Scotty LVX Seeks “Restitution” in New Single & Visual

Orlando-born, LA-living hip-hop, R&B lyricist and producer Scotty LVX is turning heads with his unique, forward-thinking sound. He ignites the rollout of his forthcoming EP ‘Unreserved,’ with the reveal of his new single and accompanying visual release, entitled “Restitution”.

Directed by Scotty LVX and David Herrera, “Restitution” the visual draws parallels between the subtlety of still images entwined with live, as Scotty employs the use of deeper meanings in the visual. Portraying his thoughts through apparent messaging, a striking, yet realistic creation is produced. The single leads the way visually into the forthcoming EP ‘Unreserved’.

“As a creative, I find refuge in isolation—a place where I can focus with precision, and rightfully take what I believe is mine. I believe everyone gets to this space at one point in their life or career,” expresses Scotty. “With the music video for “Restitution”, I wanted to visually portray the consequences that this pressure incites for those shaped and molded under certain systemic conditions — speaking to the narrative of taking matters into your own hands.” 

​Rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer, Scotty LVX takes on rap’s contemporary identity. He seeks to elevate it and pair it with a clean, elegant and tasteful image. Scotty values authenticity and honesty: indulging the listener in his romantic encounters with a relatable story of success alongside it’s equally relatable struggles.

Music wasn’t always at the forefront for Scotty LVX. The rapper thought the path of a Preacher was for him. Moving out to LA from Leesburg, Florida, Scotty was born to a single African-American correctional officer who’s plan for him was to settle down locally. However, after prodding for the likes of Akon, Chris Brown and Trey Songz, Scotty knew his future was music. He produced and wrote the title track on DaniLeigh’s debut album ‘The Plan’. 

STREAM: https://orcd.co/restitution

“Restitution” Cover Art


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