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Sauce Beauty’s Andy Rah On Combining His Passions For Work, Sauce Beauty’s 2020 Plans & More

Sauce Beauty’s founder Andy Rah has two passions in my life: haircare products and delicious food. Prior to launching Sauce Beauty, Rah created and marketed haircare products for top beauty companies like L’Oréal, TIGI/Unilever, and Macadamia Beauty, all the while excelling in the kitchen with great meals for friends and family. In turn, Rah has impressively managed to combine his major passions for food and haircare via launching the Sauce Beauty line of products.

Each of Sauce Beauty’s products are inspired by recipes with ingredients that are beneficial for your hair and scalp, ingredients like Jarrah honey, avocado, Greek yogurt, shea butter, cucumber water and cayenne pepper. This is all in line with a concept Rah calls “TransHAIRency™,” where every ingredient of each commercially-sold product is listed on the Sauce Beauty website and comes with a description of what it is used for. After all, we care more than ever about what we put into our bodies these days, so why should we not feel the same about what we put in, on and around our hair?

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Andy Rah about Sauce Beauty on behalf of The Hype Magazine. More on Rah and Sauce Haircare can be found via its official website at and, while Sauce’s wares can also be purchased in Sally Beauty stores and also directly ordered online through Sally Beauty’s website at

Who or what inspired to get you into the haircare business?

Andy Rah: I was getting my MBA at Georgetown University and ended up interning for L’Oreal USA, working on the Garnier Fructis haircare brand. I had such a great time and was so inspired by my manager and the executives at L’Oreal, that I really decided to stay in the industry and build a career in it. 15 years or so later, and I’m still in it!

Sauce Beauty combines your passions for food and haircare. Did you have the “Sauce Beauty” name all along?

Andy Rah: Honestly it just kind of came to me and a friend — a former coworker — while brainstorming possible new brands.

What about the “TransHAIRency” concept? When did that come to you?

Andy Rah: I knew I wanted to be very transparent with the ingredients in my products; and with Southwest Airlines being a locally-based Dallas company, I was inspired by their Transfarency concept.

Which Sauce Beauty product was developed first?

Andy Rah: We had such a fast product life cycle — one benefit of being a small company — we actually produced the first 8 products all at once. It was a lot of work, but we have great partners in formulating and in fragrance development. We made it work!

Do you have a favorite of the Sauce Beauty products available?

Andy Rah: My favorite is the Chimichurri Mint Tingle Intense Repair Shampoo. When you lather it up in the morning, the menthol and mint really wake up your senses with a light tingle on your scalp. It will really open your eyes! Our best-seller is the Guacamole Whip Deep Moisture Mask, though. People love the balanced moisture it brings to all hair types.

What is coming up for Sauce Beauty in 2020?

Andy Rah: We have so much new innovation coming in 2020, I am so excited. We are launching a hyper-clean line of products made specifically for wavy/curly/coily hair. We’re also working on a dry shampoo. But in the biggest news, we are working on a full skincare line targeting millennial female consumers.

When not busy with Sauce Beauty, where does your free time usually go?

Andy Rah: Cooking, of course! I have a grill and 2 smokers out on the patio, and all sorts of kitchen gadgets I’m always playing with. But I also like to work out, travel and coach my kids that play soccer.

What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Andy Rah: Jimmy Buffett in Las Vegas. Anyone that knows me knows that he is far and away my favorite musician. I had a Sally Beauty event in Vegas anyway, so I went a day early and went to the show by myself. Imagine my surprise when the guy in the seat next to me went to a rival high school — in Richmond, Virginia — just a few years before I was in high school. It’s a crazy small world, but stuff like that happens more than you’d think when you get out and about.

Finally, Andy, any last words for the kids?

Andy Rah: If you’re thinking about launching your own company, I say go for it. Over the last few years in my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve met kids in high school who have already started their own brands. Age and experience should not be considered a hinderance. Always be out there meeting new people and building your network, and lean on that network to help guide you. When you’re young, your creativity and energy are at their peak, so take advantage of it. The experience will come with your journey!

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