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Published on December 8th, 2019 | by Marilyn Reles


Singer-Songwriter Althea Grace Weighs In On What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Music – Her Single “More Than A Woman” Out Now

“Does it matter if I can sing, if it’s got no heart?”  – Singer/Songwriter Althea Grace pours her soul into relatable sentiments with her brand new single “More Than A Woman”. Released on December 6th, “More Than A Woman” gives listeners a glimpse into what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry; specifically a female artist. In a world saturated with talent, every artist – man or woman – navigates a wide array of personalities as they climb their way to the top. Riddled with attention-seeking tactics, this often proves more challenging than the creation of the art itself. That said, Althea gives fans a woman’s perspective of how difficult it can be for a female artist to be heard without oversexualizing her identity.

If I’m not taking my clothes off, maybe you won’t like my songs / You’ve been hearing it all wrong, from the start…

Women in music are judged on a variety of factors, appearance ranking highest of all. What’s so refreshing about “More Than A Woman” is Althea’s message to empower female artist’s by encouraging them to put their voices first; in doing so, they can boldly create the art that they want. But it’s bigger than that – the song’s title lends to the idea that there are very clear parameters that come with being a woman in music; therefore, breaking from that box allows for much needed freedom and the opportunity to be more than a woman – but instead, fearlessly human. She boldly touches on the more difficult topic of the pressure put on women to flirt with or sexually engage with men to secure opportunities; an outdated tactic misaligned with the restructured power dynamic of the #metoo movement.

“Give him some loving, maybe he’ll care / I’m not here to entertain you.

Althea Grace delivers her daring lyrics over soft drum patterns and guitar; her voice reminiscent of a modern day Natalie Maines. Produced by Phil Lewis, the song hits listeners with grace and poise amidst Althea’s soulful and honest vocal delivery. Being from the Chicago-area, Althea’s music has been described as new age blues with heavy doses of jazz, funk, and soul. Sprinkle-in a little country and she’s coined a sound all her own, pairing mature vocals over dynamic genre-less production. Althea grew-up a daughter of music lovers; her career sparked at a young age, sharing stages with X Ambassadors, The Shins, and Sylan Esso. In 2016, her duo “FUTURE STUFF” released their debut EP. They toured the country with blues legend Doyle Bramhall II and Grammy award-winning band Los Lobos. She went on to recording vocals with Los Lobos in 2017 for The Shin’s upcoming release: “The Shins x Los Lobos: The Fear”.

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