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Published on December 22nd, 2019 | by Christopher Wallace


Star Wars Rise of Sky Walker- Movie Marathon

Wednesday, December 18th, fans of the Star Wars epilogue began lining up as early as 8am to get in to the El Captain Theater on Hollywood boulevard in Hollywood California to be first in to start the nine movie marathon for the Star Wars series.

When the doors opened, a combination 500 Jedi’s,Sith’s, Wookies, Ewoks, Druids, and other creatures from across the galaxy piled in to the historical and cultural landmark. This isn’t the first marathon that the theater has played host to. Earlier this year they hosted the 22 Movie marathon in preparation for another Disney saga of Avengers Endgame which lasted over 60 hours.

This is for the hardcore fans only. One venue, one screen, comfortable seats, and special gifts but you have to be present to win. There was an opportunity to meet First Order Stormtroopers and visit the costume gallery of the evolution of the storm troopers exhibit and costumes from the “Rise of Skywalker”.

There were special guests that came out before each of the first 8 movies and gave the audience a unique perspective to fans that they had never revealed on camera before about filming aspects of the movie. Ahmed Best was the first guest, and he talked about “Episode One,” even though among the first trilogy fans the second trilogy set is not as popular due to the 16 year break in movies but he talked about that movie actually being the first in over 50 years to break new technology in to films with enhanced character CGI.

So as each movie began the crowd of 500 people erupted in laughter, applauding, awes, and jokes towards the screen. There was a costume contest as well as give-a-ways of special movie memorabilia, but I didn’t win anything sadly. Some people came in groups and some people even came with their children and stayed throughout the duration of the epilogue.

Each ticket came with a gift bag with a Millennium Falcon Popcorn holder, Star Wars velour blanket, and hygiene pack, Star Wars marathon pin, along with breakfast, lunch, drinks, and popcorn. To be a historic theater the architecture sure brings the nostalgia of an old theater but the plush seats really are very comfortable to even host a marathon.

The Rise of Skywalker is the capstone film to close out the journey to a galaxy far, far away where new legends will be born and the final battle for freedom is hanging in the balance.

The El Captain is a first run theater, meaning that out of all the places in the world it is one of the few places to see feature films before they officially come out, and it’s all for Disney movies, shows and plays.

I want to give a special thanks for Davidson & Choy Publicity for having me at the event.

Check out this recap video

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