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Published on January 19th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Asheville Singer-Songwriter Just Rick Greets The Decade With His New Single “She Went Ridin'”

Asheville-area artist Just Rick kicks off 2020 with his highly anticipated single She Went Ridin’. This follows his recent hits I’ve Never Been A Cowboy, Groundhog Blues and the crowd favorite Hillbilly Baby. She Went Ridin’ is a seamless continuation to Rick’s smoky-mountain melodies of Americana which come firmly rooted in blues, country, and rock influence. Instrumentally, She Went Ridin’s engaging guitar riffs spark the urge to get up and dance while creating an upbeat blend of country and rock. Lyrically, the song delivers nomadic imagery through a forward progression of storytelling and driving metaphors. Rick sings about a free-spirited woman who can’t be tied down, easily interpreted as a lost love with a girl who was never meant to stay. When her lover lost his car to the Repo Man, she quickly fled to the next set of wheels, feet up on the dash & long hair blowing in the breeze.

“I can’t blame her, she went ridin’, nothin even comes close / Breezes blowin’ through her hair, free-wheelin up the coast / As her chauffeur I did show her how nice a drive can feel / But the Repo Man he came and took away my set of wheels” 

Just like the artwork above, the girl in Rick’s song is swiftly swept-away by the the abandonment of her past, ruby nails caressing the wind as she cruises toward her next adventure. Three fourths of the way through the track, Rick’s guitar solo continues the songs buoyant mood with a twang that builds upon that country feel his fans know and crave. The song closes with an aurally pleasing Banjo, produced by NYC-based artist, producer & engineer Julian Xtra.

Photo by Jesus Martinez

Rick got his start in music early on, playing drums in his high school band Green Steam. His talents carried over to the bands Full House and The Old Men, later leading him to form Identity Crisis with close friends in Sheboygan Falls, WI. Identity Crisis evolved into a long run with successful trio IC3 where he played festival stages across the midwest. You can find Just Rick performing around the greater Asheville, North Carolina area. Among his original works, Rick provides a wide variety of covers ranging from modern to classic hits.

You can find more about Just Rick on his Facebook page. And be sure to follow him on Spotify.

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