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“Get The Gat” Originator, Lil Elt Opens Up About LSU Football Teams’ ‘Get The Gat’ Challenge!

Lil Elt’s 1992 local (New Orleans) classic, “Get The Gat” back in the spotlight thanks to viral video from LSU’s locker room.

LSU captured more than a National Championship when they defeated the defending champion, Clemson Tigers in this year’s Sugar Bowl, which was played in New Orleans, Louisiana. Thanks to, Shawn Taylor AKA “Subtweet Shawn,” and the success of the LSU football team, it also reignited the career of a local legend; Lil Elt. “Subtweet Shawn” went into the LSU’s locker room and played a classic New Orleans track, “Get The Gat” by Lil Elt and created the, “Get The Gat” Challenge. After having several players dance to the track, the song blew up. Even getting a spin and viral video from the team’s visit to the White House. Not bad for a song that was created in 1992. Years before any of these players were born.

I caught up with the originator, Lil Elt who is thankful for this new generations open-minded musical selection. It’s been a long time coming, but, Elt, is finally nationwide and he plans to capitalize on the popularity of the song going viral.

I have been trying really hard to keep all of the New Orleans legends name alive. I have interviewed several local legends and the reception has been great. It’s an honor to add you to that list. It’s been so great seeing you get this recognition, my man.

Lil Elt: Huh bruh! Yeah man (laughing). It was faith, baby. Always believe it, baby.

Long time coming to.

Lil Elt: Yeah bruh. I’m just sitting back humble.

When did you learn that LSU’s football team had this, “Get The Gat” Challenge going using your song?

Lil Elt: My lil nephew was by my house and he told me about it. It was almost midnight. He called me and came knocked on my door and told me, “Check this out, Unc. They got this lil guy and he’s doing a, ‘Get The Gat’ Challenge on Facebook.” Thanks to, “Subtweet Shawn” [Shawn Taylor], that’s the lil guy that went in the locker room and started it. He’s the one that actually kicked it off with the LSU players. When he told me that and I checked it out, it had almost 47,000 views. I woke up the next morning and peeped that thing out and it was up to over 100,000. I said, “Man, something is about to happen.” Just like that.

That song dropped in 1992, you used a sample of, Black Sheep’s, “This or That,” and here we are nearly 30-years later, the song has resurfaced, and everyone knows who, Lil Elt is now.

Lil Elt: Exactly! These football players weren’t even born when I dropped that, so if they heard anything about it, it’s from their parents. I’m just glad they liked it and took to the song. It was relatable enough for them to want to dance to it and keep it around.

To be back in the spotlight for a song that you put out so long ago, what has it been like for you?

Lil Elt: It feels like a dream that came true for me, man. That’s just what it feels like. I felt like… all these years, I always got the recognition for the song as a hit. Everybody loved it. Day in and day out, I just hear about it. And that’s through my city, whether they play it in the club or whatever. And now to come back and… man, I’m ready to do the thing. This is just what I wanted from day one is to touch the world. I went through Louisiana and was able to capitalize off it. And could only touch Houston as far as me moving around doing shows. We basically like shut it down from there. I knew it never reached its full potential, and to come back like this, I look at it like a volcano that’s been hovering under the ground, you know what I’m saying; hot fire lava.

I’m sure this has been motivation for you to get back in the studio and go back at it.

Lil Elt: Exactly! It’s just like that, baby. I’m back on. I’m outchea. I’m trying to get these shows back lined up and let em know. Let them see who the originator, “Get The Gat,” man was. Because you know when we done this thing in ’92, we didn’t even much have a cover on the cassette tape.

It’s crazy you say that because I go way back with New Orleans music and up until a few months ago, I didn’t even know what you looked like.

Lil Elt: Look at that. And that’s what’s really making all of this so crazy because they just finally seeing who made this. It’s time for it now though. It’s time!

Louisiana’s sports teams will make you relevant again. Choppa got put on by the New Orleans Saints success to the point where some think his song, “Choppa Style” just came out last year. Now, you’re being put back on the map through LSU’s successful run. I’m sure a lot of people think, “Get The Gat” is new.

Lil Elt: (Laughing). I’m so glad that it done touched a whole new generation for real. I’m loving that.

You said your nephew brought it to your attention. Did they even understand how big this song was in the 90’s or is all of this new to them as well?

Lil Elt: Yeah! See, they understood just from talking to people in the city when people bring up the song. Like I tell them, “Ya’ll really didn’t know it was this powerful, huh?” (Laughing), my kids even saw it just from coming up and people talking to them. Once they heard about it and they find out they are my kids, they tell them about it. From that going around all these years, that, “Get The Gat” was in the air, lingering in the city. It will always be a hit.

The thing I love about it is, if you’re from around here, you knew the meaning of it, but globally and it’s really a New Orleans thing, we can turn any record into a dance song or a feel good song no matter the title or meaning and that’s what’s happening with this one.

Lil Elt: That’s basically what it is, baby. It’s a dance song. It puts them on the floor; especially the women (laughing).

I just watched the “Hip-Hop Evolution” joint on Netflix. I’m sure they are now regretting not including you in it.

Lil Elt: Ohhh!!! (Laughing). I know. They know now. Yep!

Imagine this, “Get The Gat” was all up in the White House with it. How crazy is that?

Lil Elt: Ah man, it’s been hard for me to sleep (laughing). I’ve been riding this high since they won the championship, man. I was sitting on the edge of my baby. I said, “Baby, ya’ll win this game, ya’ll write my future.” Straight up!

Snoop Dogg and Drake… so many people in on it now. You had everyone trying to grab them something to ride around it. It’s just amazing seeing it get this global light on it.

Lil Elt: Yeah man, 27-years, bruh.

How did this song come about? Take us back to the start of it.

Lil Elt: My DJ, that’s DJ Tee. He go by the name DJ 50 Grand right now. But we actually made, “Get The Gat” first… the same way you hear it, we made it on that, “Triggerman” beat. He spent “Triggerman” beat back to back. We did it on that first, but everybody in New Orleans was making they bounce songs off “Triggerman.” So, we figured we needed to put it on an original beat. We had my man, MC Dart [39 Posse]. He made the beat and Tee threw all the scratches and cuts in there with the different lil samples and everything and I was on the mic. We ran with it from there.

We have witnessed, Beyoncé sample New Orleans music, Drake… just seeing it on that platform. What does that mean for you being that you are one of the originals from that same era?

Lil Elt: It was beautiful seeing that. Seeing them actually put our music out there. At the same time, I wish I was a part of it. But now that my music is out there now and showing you that I’m a part of this, it’s that much more beautiful, man.

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