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Heavyweight, Amron Sands: “This Is A Real Challenge Over Here!”

Fresh off camp with world-champion, Deontay Wilder, Amron Sands looks to level-up on his heavyweight opposition in 2020!

Standing at 6’6 inches tall and weighing 268 pounds, Bahamian heavyweight, Amron Sands has been crushing his competition. He is currently 10-0 with 9 wins coming by way of knockout. A residence of Florida by way of Nassau, Bahamas, Sands is signed to famed promoter, Lou DiBella’s, DiBella Entertainment promotional company. Sands was recently a part of heavyweight kingpin, Deontay Wilder’s camp to help prepare Wilder for his much anticipated rematch against, Tyson Fury next month. Sands has lofty goals for 2020 which includes a step up in competition and grabbing a meaningful title. The former basketball player turned boxer feels his ability to do it all will eventually separate him from the pack.

During our recent conversation, “Sandman” talks about the experience he gained being in camp with, Deontay Wilder, advises other heavyweight to pursue Anthony Joshua before Wilder and opens up about his future plans.

How is your year going through the first couple of weeks of 2020?

Amron Sands: Everything is going good. I just left camp. I was in the [Deontay] Wilder camp. I just got back from that. That was a good experience.

I’m sure you gained a ton of experience in that camp. What was it like being in camp with the champ?

Amron Sands: It was great. It was my first time with him. But it was a real shocker to know that you’re in there with the “Baddest Man on the Planet.” That was a big eye opener to me; shocking. For me, he’s ahead of the game. This fight between him and Tyson Fury is going to be very interesting. He just started but he’s ready to fight. Two weeks from now… let’s just say, he’s ready to fight (laughing). He’s in shape and ready to go.

When you see how a world-champion move and go about his day-to-day activities, how much did you take away from just the way he goes about his business?

Amron Sands: A lot! I took in everything. Every word he had to say to me, every moment; everything. He’s at the top and that’s where I want to be. Being around him, soaking up his energy, his spirit… because he only speaks real stuff. So, being around such a positive person, and his whole team is positive. That stuck with me and I took that. That can only help me in my career.

You fought 3-times last year, are you hoping for that same type of activity this year?

Amron Sands: Shit… I’m hoping for more activity. We’re trying to stay busy. I’m waiting on my fight date right now. They said I’m going to be fighting in February, so I’m just waiting on the exact date.

You’re 25-years old, 6’6 southpaw, your dimensions and stance are problematic. Other than the intangibles, what else do you feel you bring to the table that can cause these heavyweights problems?

Amron Sands: I apply pressure. I like to fight. You don’t get many 6’6 268 pounders who likes to get it in and get dirty. Let’s see who the bigger man is. That’s what I bring to the table. I bring entertainment. I bring the energy and power. I can do it all. I can box, I can fight… there’s a lot of work over here. This ain’t a tomato in the ring. This is a real challenge over here.

Is boxing what brought you from the Bahamas to Florida?

Amron Sands: I used to play basketball. So, I came over here to play basketball first. My mother is a U.S. citizen, so being a child, we all gained citizenship. She decided to move me here when I said that I wanted to play basketball. I started playing basketball, was supposed to go to a D-1 college, tore my ACL, so I started to box for fitness. And that’s how I got into it. I started doing amateur fights and doing really well. Then I traveled all over the world, Equator, Panama, Dominican Republic through AIBA. I did very well, so I was like, “Hey, I might as well turn pro,” and here I am, signed to Lou DiBella. They are starting me off right.

Signing with Lou DiBella had to build your confidence and highlight just how far you could go in this sport?

Amron Sands: Yeah! That’s only the top. Like they say, only I can determine my career now. You sign with a big name like DiBella, he is in a very good space with all the promoters in the game, being a part of his stable speaks volumes. The only thing I can do now is stay focused and do my part.

What are your thoughts of the heavyweight division right now?

Amron Sands: It’s open. It’s wide open. We have seen [Anthony] Joshua broken. Now it’s open. The thing is, with the WBC, if you’re going after Wilder that’s a tough-tough one (laughing). All of the other belts… if it was up to me to choose, I would gun for Anthony Joshua before I go for Wilder.

What have you learned the most about yourself during your 10-fights?

Amron Sands: I’m a problem in the ring. I can keep it calm or I can turn it up. I can box and I can fight. I’ve learned that I have a lot of different weapons that I can use in the ring. This year they plan to bump up my level of competition. My competition last year didn’t really push me to see what I really got. I haven’t really had a chance to show, just what the “Sandman” can do. No one has really pushed me, so I can’t really say, I can think, but it hasn’t really been proven that, this dude can really step on the gas.

Love the honesty, man. What are the goals for this year?

Amron Sands: My goal is to get the NABF title and be in the top 20 rankings for the WBC, IBF, IBO and the WBO. That’s my goal. I want to capture my first belt and make sure it’s a recognized belt. The NABF would look good on me because it’s the lower recognized WBC belt. That’s one of my goals for this year.

Shout out to, my man, William Hunter for the link up. Good luck reaching that goal, it was a pleasure speaking to you. Is there anything else you want to say before I let you go?

Amron Sands: Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, everything at Amron ‘Sandman’ Sands.



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