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Published on January 6th, 2020 | by Felicia Kid


Left Eye Loves Andre

There has to be something said about the love that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Andre Rison shared. The new Lifetime show “Hopelessly In Love” premiered Saturday night, and it showcases celebrity couples and their volatile relationships, in which Lopes and Rison were up first. I am a huge TLC fan, and I thought I knew everything about Left Eye, but we learned a lot last night, so let’s get into it. Lisa and Andre shared a few similarities. Both of their dads have passed away, Lisa’s dad was killed by his cousin during an argument, and Andre’s dad died from illness. They both were young celebrities, new to stardom. And they were both crazy in love. The love between them was so strong that Andre’s sister insists Lisa put a voodoo spell on him. As we all know, Lisa set fire to Andre’s mansion, not once, BUT TWICE!

Both times she started fires in the bathtub, with the second fire causing the house to completely burn down as she set sneakers ablaze. Now these are things that are common knowledge, we know she burned his house down to the ground, and we know he took her back. What some of us (including me) didn’t know, was that Tupac Shakur was her soulmate. In my opinion it seemed like a battle that Andre couldn’t win. Yes, he had Lisa’s heart, but what her and Tupac shared was more spiritual, Tupac even confessed to Suge Knight that he and Lisa had never even had sex, and didn’t plan to. Now what REALLY sent me was this piece of information I didn’t know. After the release of Fanmail, Lisa wasn’t feeling TLC anymore. She wanted to be more creative and she said she wanted to take control of her destiny. So, Lisa calls Suge because she wants to start a solo career. On “Hopelessly In Love” Suge is able to do a phone interview and he reveals that he and Lisa started a relationship! Shook! I wish Left Eye was still here, she was definitely ahead of her time, one of the most creative artists any of us have seen in our lifetime.

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