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Published on January 29th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Motihari Brigade Creates High Energy Rock-N-Roll Thoughtcrime as a Revolutionary Beacon for Those Seeking Their Lost Tribe

Rock-N-Roll began as an expression of youth rebellion. Beautiful bands of outcasts, renegades, and radicals claimed the music as their voice to express ideals of independent human resistance.

But there was always the music industry – plastic robot manufactured culture to distract and placate the masses.  Many were hypnotized by the artificial programming flooding their tele-screens.

They may call the tune, but we need not consume what we are fed.  We can create our own independent rock-n-roll resistance.

Motihari Brigade creates high-energy revolution rock as a beacon for those seeking their independent lost tribe.  The new album Power From Below evokes the encouraging electric sound of “Bernie Sanders meets Helter Skelter.”  They are a voice in the wilderness calling “We are on our own, but not alone” – words from the song Waiting For the Revolution and inscribed on the electric guitar from the album’s cover art.

Motihari Brigade provide an antidote to the official programming overwhelming our tele-screens.  Their music is Rock-N-Roll thoughtcrime – inspired by George Orwell and the anti-fascist International Brigades from the Spanish Civil War.

“Turn off and tune out the machine” the title track Power From Below implores, in the hope of assembling an independent Rock-N-Roll resistance burrowed deep underground and free from the artificial intelligence corporate surveillance algorithm.

The song Talking To Crazy debuted as an animated video that highlights the band’s hopeful blend of humor and cynicism.  The story’s heroes struggle against spiral-eyed smartphone-obsessed zombies and demagogue politicians, urged on by the sounds of Motihari Brigade until they eventually find their tribe and each other.

U.K. born singer and lead guitar player Eric Winston wrote eight original songs from the album’s eleven tracks.  Three additional covers were arranged in Motihari electric style and included as fresh homage to the revolution rock tradition.

The album dropped on January 28, 2020, and is available world-wide through popular digital download and streaming services. Compact disks available through CD Baby, Amazon, and select independent retailers. For physical distribution on compact disk order through Alliance Entertainment (UPC Code 888295951548).  Find your tribe at:

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