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Published on January 18th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Risks of Running a Cannabusiness and How to Overcome Them

Over these last few decades, many researchers dedicated their time and effort to show the true nature of cannabis and its benefits. This lead to decriminalization and legalization, and ultimately the sprouting of CBD-based industries. There is a rising demographic who want to endeavor into this branch by starting their own companies, as this business is proven to create large revenues.

If you are a small entrepreneur wishing to try your luck in this increasingly competitive industry, it is smart to act quickly and to start everything up. However, every expert in this business would advise to be smart and think about insurance, as the cannabusiness is still sensitive to risks.

Let’s just assume you have already acquired the necessary knowledge that leads to gaining profits via this miraculous plant. The next step is just as important—handling and managing your business successfully. Our country’s government, and many others, still treat this cannabis as an illicit, Schedule One drug, as the Controlled Substances Act says. Thus, its handling needs to be specific and law-abiding.

Some of the most commonly encountered issues within the cannabusiness regard:

  • Logistics— moving of the raw materials and finished products from suppliers to vendors

  • Inbound operating—managing inputs and outputs of materials, labor, and energy

  • Sales/Marketing—communicating and providing goods to the customer market

  • Services—satisfying the buyers’ post-delivery.

Any larger problem of this sort can be easily prevented by applying certain safety measures that come from cannabusiness-based insurance. Your insurance company can help you defog the federal/state issues that could otherwise result in your business getting shut down (best-case scenario), or going to jail (worst-case scenario).

Even though the FDA is working on approving CBD-based products on the US scale, it still hasn’t regulated this plant’s use and the businesses related to it. If you are thinking of pursuing a CBD-related business, or have already ventured into it, you might want to secure yourself from potential conflicts with the FDA and its harsh actions.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to safety and cannabis-related businesses. However, no matter how many risks there are, if you are careful enough, running such a business can result in an incredible payoff. Read along about the CBD industry — being well-informed is crucial!

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