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Young Devyn: Born To Rap

Brooklyn, New York, has birthed some of the most elite emcees who ever lived. The (late, great) Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Mos Def, Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane and Raekwon, to name some…

Bear witness to the newly established Queen of Breuckelen, Young Devyn, who ’momager,’ Natasha Mason, proudly shares, “was born humming to her own heartbeat,”

So without further ado, let’s hurry up and meet the youngest artist – an ingénue no doubt – to ever perform at a BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher…

Tell me your whole inception into music — When did you first become interested in it? And, how did it actually all begin for Young Devyn?

It came naturally. It all started with a talent show, and I saw a spark in myself that I never thought I had.

Now where exactly do you hail from? And growing up there, who all did/do you consider to be your strongest musical influences?

I’m from Brooklyn, New York. My entire family is from Trinidad. My family were strong musical influences because they exposed me to all genres. My mom introduced me to Soca – my family introduced me to Soca – and being from Brooklyn, Hip Hop was second nature.

At what particular point in time did you even opt to pursue music on a professional level?

It happened when I was 7. People were calling my school requesting me to perform at their children’s birthday parties after I performed at my school’s talent show. That’s when we knew something was up.

That being said, how do you classify your overall sound and/or style?

I look at myself as an artist. I can do any genre; rap, sing, songwriter, anything. So there’s no cap on my artistry.

The masses first became more familiar with you from your stand out appearance on the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher — How did you land this opportunity (coveted spot)?

BET reached out to my team and said they wanted me in their cypher…we went to L.A. the week after, and it’s been history.

Your latest single/video is entitled, “Elite” — Tell me about this particular track? How did it come to fruition?

This song came pretty easily. It’s just a song talking about my everyday life and things (that) I know everyone – including me – has been through. From flexing to break-ups, it’s all relatable. I try not to over-exaggerate my music, because then it’s not authentic to me.

What do you feel you bring to the music industry that we don’t already have in other performers?

I bring that EVERYDAY GIRL! Everyone has a persona or a gimmick; I’m just 100% authentic and relatable to the every-day girl.

Have you encountered any problems in getting to this point in your career?

I look at all the “No’s” that I got as just “not right now’s,” so I keep going regardless.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to be inspired by my story, my struggle, and how I prevailed through all of that through my music.

If you could collaborate with any one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Definitely Meek, Lauryn Hill and Nicki Minaj. They’re all instrumental in the inspiration behind why I rap.

If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?

I always wanted to perform in Africa. I feel like that’s the Mecca when it comes to the origin of music.

One track of yours that you think defines you and why?

Its an unreleased song, but stay tuned for my upcoming project!

In terms of longevity, what do you feel it is that will continue to sustain you in this grueling industry?

I adapt well; to the music, the times, just everything overall. Once you can adapt, you will be able to withstand anything.

Do you have any other outside/additional future aspirations, maybe even completely away from music?

I definitely want to finish college no matter how crazy my career gets.

To date, what has been your biggest career moment, at least thus far anyway?

I’ve had many. When I was 11, I performed in front of 30,000 people in my homeland, Trinidad. And as of recent, the BET Cypher.

Looking ahead, say five or maybe even ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

A couple platinum plaques later, definitely a CEO, and an overall businesswoman.

As for the immediate, what’s next for Young Devyn?

Im dropping new music every month, so I’m definitely flooding all 2020.

Is there anything I left out or just plain forgot to mention?

Stay tuned for my upcoming project, ‘Baby Goat!’

Any “closing” thought(s) for our readers?

Love you all and keep supporting.



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