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Anaya Lovenote Talks Joining the Millennium Tour with Ying Yang Twins and New Single ‘Secure The Bag’

She’s a new find for us but Anaya Lovenote’s new single Secure the Bag features Ying Yang Twins and Chanel West Coast and is an anthem that is all about getting that money and stacking your coin. Anaya will be joining the Ying Yang Twins on the West Coast leg of the Millennium Tour, featuring Omarion, Ashanti, Bow Wow, Chingy and Soulja Boy.

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Anaya has been singing since the age of 7.  Her childhood wasn’t all that perfect. Growing up in the foster care system, she always faced misplacement and harsh treatment from the foster families she came across. She not only used music as a coping mechanism but also found power in her voice and confidence along the way.

Anaya is a firm believer in fighting for your dreams. Through her music, she continues to show others that your past can be your growth and always finds ways to encourage others to pursue what your heart desires.  Anaya is a firm believer in giving back and donates her time to Earth Wind and Fire’s Philip Bailey’s charity, Music is Unity Foundation.

The Hype Magazine got Anaya to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, tell us about the artist Anaya Lovenote

I am a very energetic, bubbly, charismatic, and a little bit of a diva – of course, the good kind, a diva that has to make sure everything is sparkly and big. Although I shed so much positivity, I’ve been told that I am definitely my own worst critic. I’m very hard on myself because music is everything to me and I believe in myself one hundred percent. So to others, I’m hard on myself but to me, I strongly believe that you only get one chance to make people see what you see. In other words, I know my full potential and the kind of artist I dream of being. This is the best part about me as an artist. I’m dedicated and strong but also am funny and relatable. All I know is that once you meet me, I promise you won’t forget me. 

What brought you to music?

I believe that music found me. I needed an escape from things when I was sad, lost, and in the dark as a kid being placed in foster care. Once I heard “Angel of Mine”
by Monica and “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, I felt all of these emotions. These songs told me that music is something I can no longer live without. I am music and music is me!

What inspired your new single Secure The Bag?

My career is beginning to shift into a more professional lane but it’s mostly me just changing my mindset and the circle I keep around me. It’s new me and I found the boss woman in myself. I am “securing the bag.” This is my year and I am not letting anything or anyone stand in my way.

How does it feel to be added to the Millennium Tour and what are you looking forward to most about it?

It really is a surreal kind of feeling. I’ve dreamt about being able to open up for a major artist one day, especially artists I used to listen to as a kid. My dreams are coming true and the feeling is indescribable. I can’t wait to hit the stage, perform in front of millions of people, and get the respect from major artists in the industry. I’m truly thankful for the Ying Yang Twins for turning my dream into a reality. I am mostly looking forward to seeing the huge crowd. I wonder what my knees will feel like.

What else is on the horizon for you in 2020? 

Of course more music, more shows, and even bigger opportunities. What I am most excited for is my involvement with Music Is Unity, a nonprofit organization that helps young people transition from the foster care system to adulthood. Aside from that, I am excited to see what God has in store for me!

What’s been your craziest WTF experience thus far in your career? 

I honestly don’t think I have had one yet but I know for sure the Millennium Tour will be my WTF experience. 


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