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Published on February 22nd, 2020 | by Jae Monique


Black History Month & The Harlem Renaissance

Bringing Grandmother’s Stories to Life In An Extraordinary Web Series

In celebration of Black History Month, Terrence Patterson is bringing to life the real stories recounted by his beloved grandmother that painted a vivid account of the Harlem Renaissance.

As President & CEO at Paragon Multimedia LLC, Terrence has dedicated his profession to retelling captivating memories and experiences through the eyes of his grandmother during this impressionable time period. As a creator of content for digital, theatrical, and indie film platforms, Terrence has been allowing audiences to share a glimpse into a time mixed with incredible imagination and talent with his web series, “Half Past Jump Time” (HPJT). This dramatic web series is part urban, sci-fi adventure, as well as a dance/entertainment spectacle.

From the budding romance of Terrence’s grandparents to depicting life as a woman and being black, this web series delivers much more than a simple storyline.

“Her stories were always fascinating and showcased a point in history where African Americans were celebrated for their contributions to American history.”

Terrence aims at reigniting that spotlight on the African American journey by combining sci-fi, the Harlem Renaissance experience, as well as the life of young African Americans in present-day New York. A major component of the show will be showcasing the social issues of each time period, revolving around the African American experience. Current events of each time period will play heavily in the series storylines. The characters of HPJT are from two different worlds, and yet their lives contain certain similarities that make for great stories.

“The present-day rights that are enjoyed today were created through the persistence and sacrifice of some amazing people who lived long ago.”

HPJT has audiences at the edge of their seats, as a 1920s Harlem Renaissance-era club owner and time traveler are on the verge of losing everything she owns to a powerful politician and has to convince a relative–100 years in the future–to give up her life in present-day New York and come to 1920s Harlem through a time-portal.

Learning from the past is always a good idea, but what if you had the opportunity to go back to 1920s Harlem to live in an incredible time in American history?

“Half Past Jump Time” will give you a front-row seat.

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