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Published on February 13th, 2020 | by Shayna Clark


Border Buck’s Newest Project “What Ya Life Like”

Manhattan, New York – East Harlem’s very own Border Buck has a new project under his sleeves. After working with artists such as Dave East and Smoke DZA behind the music scene; Buck decided that it was his time to shine.  His debut EP “What Ya Life Like”, which premiered on all streaming platforms January 24th, includes tracks suchlike  “Hustler’s Dream” and “Stay in Life” featuring Bodega Bamz. “What Ya Like Like” narrates the story of what happens in the everyday lives of people in urban communities. It is a reminder to the current generations that music and sports aren’t the only ways of gaining success; having an entrepreneurial mentality and set skills will allow the population to go far.

Growing up between New York City and North Philly Badlands, Buck is no stranger to socioeconomic disadvantage environments . Growing up essentially on his own after his father was sentenced to a federal bid; the pain, struggle and determination to overcome his upbringing is reflected in “What Ya Life Like”. Over heavy boom bap beats and eerie melodies created by producers like Triple A, J Demers and TriForce; Border Buck uses his deep tones to weave harrowing tales of heavy losses, near misses, and the ultimate story of persevering through it all.
You can hear “What Ya Life Like” and other music by Border Buck on these platforms:
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