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Hidden Gem: Mike Moss Uses Basketball Skillset On The Gridiron; Working Towards Impressing NFL Teams During Pro Day

The 6’3 210-pound wide receiver is at, “Choppin The Field” in Arizona working on his craft in hopes for an opportunity in the NFL.

Mike Moss doesn’t lack size, speed or skills, he just seeking an opportunity to show off his talents to the NFL. Huge for the receiver position, the former, Robert Morris target, has been out in Arizona working with, Donte Davis at Davis’ “Choppin The Field” facility in hopes of landing a call from an NFL team to fulfill his dream. Moss confidently feels like once he gets his foot in the door, there would be no turning back. Although no relation, bearing the last name, Moss while playing the receiver position can’t hurt. Moss made a smooth transition from basketball to football and plans to use certain skillsets that he obtained on the hardwood on the gridiron.

During a recent conversation, Moss explains how, “Choppin The Field” helped with improving his focus on football, why he feels his skills will translate to the NFL and much more!

How are you doing?

Mike Moss: I’m good. I’m blessed. I’m blessed to be able to be in Arizona just training.

You’re out there with my man, Donte Davis at, “Choppin The Field.” How is everything going out there?

Mike Moss: It’s going really good. It’s just a progression. We’re working on our 40 times. That’s the main focus right now. We’re in the weight room. My body is starting to change, so I’m happy for sure.

What would you say the biggest benefit has been from being at, “Choppin The Field?”

Mike Moss: Probably the environment. It has helped me change my mindset.

Give us your football journey. Where have you been and where are you aiming to go?

Mike Moss: I played football my freshman and sophomore year of high school, and then after that I ended up quitting football and playing basketball my junior and senior year. I played basketball for 3-years in college. I red-shirted one of those years though. My brother used to play for Kansas, and one of his trainers was basically telling me, if I switched to football, my opportunity to make it to the league [NFL] would be within reach. I wasn’t putting up the numbers that I needed to in basketball to get there. I ended up making that transition… literally that next day we started training for football. From there, I ended up sending some film out to schools; me and the basketball trainer was outside just running routes and my pops recorded me. We sent that to some schools, and I ended up taking a couple of visits. I was going to pick a school in New York called, Pace. It’s just a D2, but my parents wanted me to comfortable, so I ended up staying in Chicago and I went to Robert Morris. I started there. I did 2-years there and we have been on since then.

You’re a big receiver. What are your dimensions and best 40-yard dash time?

Mike Moss: I’m 6’3 ½ and I’m about 208 right now. My best 40 was a 4.54, but I feel like I’m just now getting into it. I feel like my first couple of weeks I was trying to get comfortable with the stance. You gotta get so low and tight. It’s like track, you really gotta master it. But now, I feel like I’m rolling. I know for sure I will get to the high 4.4’s by Pro Day. I still have about 4 or 5 more weeks to go.

What is your hope? What are you hoping to come away with from a football standpoint?

Mike Moss: Man, me and my family being able to pick up the phone from free agency and get a call from a team. I just want to be able to have that opportunity to show what I can really do. I feel like I’ve been lost, and nobody has really seen me because I got hurt coming out of college. That really set me back, but now I’m ready.

You fit the mold of what we see from the wide receiver position now, big, strong, fast and even with your dimensions you don’t sacrifice agility. I’m sure you feel you belong and can do what you see these bigger receivers doing at that level.

Mike Moss: Most definitely! That’s my game. My explosiveness and me being agile for a big guy. That’s what makes me standout compared to other receivers. I’m big but I can move like I’m little. I can play inside and outside as far as slot and number one.

I watched your highlight tape and you can definitely take a quick slant to the house and that’s also rare for a guy with your size.

Mike Moss: Yes sir. And I’m comfortable with that too. It’s a blessing. I feel like coming from basketball, it helped me so much with football. A lot of those motions are kind of the same. A crossover is kind of like me getting off of the press, off of the jam at the line of scrimmage.

Absolutely. We’re talking about being a big target from the receiver standpoint, but look at guys like, Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez that came from basketball and became great tight ends.

Mike Moss: Yes sir! For sure.

What receivers do you study?

Mike Moss: I study a lot of receivers. I study, Keenan Allen a lot. Just how he gets off the line. His releases are lethal. Having that in my bag helps a lot. I study him a lot, I study Mike Thomas, Mohamed Sanu and Davante Adams. I love his game. I have been studying his game a lot over the pass year.

To get a call from an NFL team to pick you up and give you that opportunity, what would that mean to you?

Mike Moss: The world. It would mean the world to me because I know, once I get my foot in that door, there is no way it’s closing. I’ve been overlooked, doubted and it’s a chip on my shoulder. I know once I’m in… I’m in. I’m going to work my butt off. I know physically I got what it takes. That’s going to be everything. All I need is the opportunity.

How do you feel your style of play transitions to the pro level?

Mike Moss: I think it fits well. I’m a big body and I’m fast and explosive. Nowadays, there is a lot of cover-one and cover-zero; man-on-man stuff. That’s what I’m best at, beating man-coverage. I feel like that’s what the league is going to. It’s more of a passing league now, and I excel in any type of one-on-one match up period.

You said the atmosphere at, “Choppin The Field” helped you change your mindset. How so?

Mike Moss: First of all, Donte’s energy… training with him is amazing. His energy rubs off on you. You have no choice but to feed off of him. He puts so much life into the workouts. He puts everything he’s got into these workouts and because of that, he makes you go above and beyond. It’s a lot going on out there in the world that you have to worry about. You can’t only worry about football. You have to worry about, making sure you’re safe, making sure your family is okay. Out here… it’s just ball. I’m still talking to my family a couple of hours a day because we’re super close, but out here, it’s just ball. My mind is focused straight on ball.

And it seems like no matter the level, high school, college or pros, everyone has the same goal and that’s opportunities and greatness.

Mike Moss: Yeah, that’s exactly what he does. He’s just a great human being. He knows what it takes and he’s going to make sure you get it and he’s going to make sure that you can put yourself in a position. Whether you have the talent, or you don’t, you can put in that work and you can make it. no matter your size or anything like that, he lets you know that.

Playing the receiver position and having the last name, Moss can’t hurt either (laughing).

Mike Moss: Oh yeah! No doubt! As far as players who are not in the league anymore, I study Randy’s game the most. That’s my favorite receiver for real. I study his game to a tee. A lot of people used to call me, “Baby Moss,” because my game is kind of like his a little bit.

I have eyes on you and I’m rooting for you, my man. Good luck out there and I’m sure you will make everyone proud. Is there anything else you want to add?

Mike Moss: Thank you! I appreciate everything.


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