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Published on February 14th, 2020 | by Juli MIller


Hip-Hop Artist Who Went Viral On Dr. Phil As A Cyborg Releases Futuristic Visuals For “By My Side”

Brooklyn-based art rapper Orrin premiered his latest creation, a psychedelic and futuristic music video entitled “By My Side,” today on The Hype Magazine.

Orrin went viral on Dr. Phil on claims he was half-human/half cyborg and with the release of “By My Side,” he continues breaking all stigma on how most rappers are perceived by the Hip-Hop community, his vivid creativity, and limitless imagination being the main aspects of his personality that easily differentiate him from other rappers and urban artists. 

Deconstructing the modern black experience with a fashion-forward image that combines streetwear, athleisure, and technical apparel, Orrin is rapidly building a solid reputation that drives its roots in the catchy auto-tuned melodies and impactful lyrics he delivers with seemingly effortless nonchalance. 

“By My Side” is a song and music video that explains the mysterious origin of the cyborg, and how this deity has mandated itself with a mission to save Hip-Hop and the human race from their own demise. 

Both a supernatural visual experience and a thrilling listening one, this song is set to take the world oh Hip-Hop by storm, and reinforce Orrin’s status as an eclectic and one-of-a-kind rapper that frankly, will erase any competition along his path. 

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