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Published on February 13th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Isaiah Pittman V (aka IP5) Premieres Music Video for ‘Us We’ (Acoustic)

Isaiah Pittman V (aka IP5) “is back”! The 22-year-old singer/dancer has been professionally performing and recording since the young age 4. With credits like opening for Pati LaBelle at age 12, performing for former US President and First Lady – Barack and Michelle Obama, and being the only performer at Michael Jackson’s Memorial at Gary, Indiana’s Steelyard Stadium to receive a standing ovation,  IP5 has been recognized as a vocal and performing force to be reckoned with at a young age.

With nearly 1-million views on his “Feeling Alright” music video, IP5 achieved dance notoriety in the UK and France by age 15, and continued to prove that his appeal was simple: “Powerful vocals and live performances.” He first demonstrated his amazing 5-octave vocal range in the dance song REAL. However, IP5 took a break from releasing music at the height of his climb to pursue a BS and MS in Chemistry/Biochemistry.

Now IP5 is back and better than ever, with serious vocals for his upcoming album UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

IP5 recently released an Arganorts remix of his first single ‘Us We’ with EQ Music . This version of the song is a high-energy dance track that makes you want to instantly jump out of your seat!  Now IP5 has flipped things around and is following it up with a more laid back and relaxed version of ‘Us We’ with his acoustic guitar driven version of the song.

When asked about the new version of ‘Us We’, IP5  said “The “acoustic” arrangement of ‘Us We’ has become my favorite mix version because of the raw-basic essence of grabbing a guitar, having a piano, and clean vocals, which changes things from a classic dance song. The dance, and urban, mix versions of the ‘Us We’ single are hot, but the acoustic version is straight up “unplugged” mode. In the acoustic video we tried to capture that vibe of being in the studio just groovin’. The guitar has a modern Bo Diddley kind of sound with that Prince feel coming through on the vocals and overall arrangement. For me that just spells a good time! The video was filmed just like the mix was created: on the fly. The hoofin’ (tap dance) scene was unrehearsed freestyle and was added unexpectedly. I hope fans, and new ears and eyes, enjoy the Us We (acoustic) video because it’s pure-untampered art staring you in the face, looking you dead in the eye and saying “remember the time? ”


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