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Published on February 29th, 2020 | by Jones


Jacob Dixon’s Yearning To Find His Place is Relatable to Us All

Based in North Carolina, Jacob Dixon is most known for his singer-songwriter style of music that bridges the gap between indie-folk and indie-rock. Yet this time, he has taken a dive deeper into the rock side with a new pop-punk angsty single “Find My Place”.

“Find My Place” showcases the singer’s Ed Sheeran-esque vocals against a musical backdrop that takes us back to the punk bands of the 90’s. “This song is about how I hope to find the place where I fit in…where my passion matches up with what I do every day. I think lots of people feel this way, although on the outside it looks like everyone else has already found that place for themselves,” says Dixon. With a profoundly catchy and heart-wrenchingly yearning chorus, Dixon belts “I hope that I can find my place” continuously throughout the song, allowing the listener to feel the same deep desire that he feels. Dixon reveals that this song was written after being laid off of a job – a trying time for anybody. However, the song fits perfectly into Dixon’s discography of vulnerable, honest, and introspective songs.

Take a listen below and see for yourself why Jacob Dixon should be on your radar for 2020.

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